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September 1, 2005 11:00 AM CDT

Volunteerism Advances America and Our Industry

President’s Message


Many of us volunteer our time and money to various causes that we believe in. We serve on local boards, we participate in charitable events, and we donate money probably on a weekly basis. Each time we do,we make things better. PTAs, school boards, church groups, volunteer firemen and groups such as Rotary dedicate themselves to making our local communities and our country stronger. Volunteerism advances America.

Volunteerism in our industry also benefits our futures as mason contractors. As a national association our core ideology is to "Advance the Masonry Industry." Everything that we do - the programs and services that we offer and the issues that we become engaged in - is directed to achieving our core goal of "Advancing the Masonry Industry."

A full-time staff supports our Association in much of what we accomplish. However, our staff alone is not able to achieve what we have established as goals to expand our industry and our future. We need the help of thousands of volunteers all working toward that goal in order for us to achieve the longrange vision that we have set out to achieve (view the Long-range Strategic Plan on our website at Your active involvement in our national association is vital to enabling us to move our agenda forward and build a more profitable masonry industry.

How can you help? The quickest way is to become a member of the national association that, through your dues, is able to conduct programs and services that benefit the entire industry. Becoming active in the national association and local chapters is an even more effective way to change the future and provide for a stronger masonry industry for the more than 500,000 industry professionals that earn a living in our industry.

You can become involved as a volunteer in numerous ways. First, you can become a member. I have already said it, but it's worth repeating. Every month thousands read this article who are not dues-paying members of the national Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA). What a difference if each of you would join us today! It's no secret that the national MCAA is supported through membership dues from mason contractors such as you. By joining today, you will take the first step in serving your industry.

Second, become active in one of our national committees or in one of the many local mason contractor chapters around the country. It's through our committees and local chapters that we achieve success and make a difference.

Third, attend one of the many national or local meetings and learn what fellow mason contractors are doing to expand our industry through the development of our workforce, the promotion of our systems, the development of favorable codes, and the minimization of the negative impact that the federal government can have on our industry. You can even lend us your thoughts and insight into the problems that our industry faces at one of our Board meetings.

There are an endless number of ways that you can volunteer your unique ability to advance our masonry industry. But it all begins with you committing to become involved.

Call us today to join - (800) 536-2225. Or go on our website and sign up to become an active participant. On our website you can learn more about the MCAA and what we are doing to advance the masonry industry. In addition, you can also find a link to our many local and state groups in your area. By making the commitment to join and become active, you will not only begin helping to build a stronger industry but you might learn from a fellow mason contractor member and advance the interests of your own business.

Volunteerism has advanced America and continues to make a difference in the Mason Contractors Association of America. Join us today!

About the Author

G. Alan Griffin, President of Griffin Contractors, Inc., has severals years experience in the masonry industry. He is a past president of the Mason Contractors Association of America and the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association. Griffin grew up working in the masonry business founded in 1957 by his father and grandfather, and has since taken over the family business. Griffin was award the C. DeWitt Brown Leadman Award for exemplary leadership in advancing the masonry industry in 2007.


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