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September 1, 2012 8:00 AM CDT

Stay involved

Chairman’s Message


We all must get involved.

We all must get involved.
This is an exciting time in our country. As we grind through our everyday activities and complain about being busy, there are many positive things happening. First, the elections in November: Our country is in need of your help. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and let someone else do the work. All of us need to participate in this election.

No matter what your needs or political agenda are, get out and work for the cause. Vote. So many men and women before us have fought for us to have the right to vote. Taking the stance of, “I do not matter,” or “I do not like either of the men or women,” does not work anymore. Get and stay involved in all forms of government.

That same message applies to our industry. Are you a member? If not, why? We need everyone to be a part of our industry. Competitors sitting down and working together to better the industry will give us strength and help us to buy back market share. Learn from each other. Many of us do things that would be helpful to others.

MCAA brings us together and gives us the field to serve and work together on the industry issues. We must get involved. Those who do belong need to participate. The association needs people to step up and serve. We all have such great assets, and we could share that with others.

As we get ready to leave for Park City, Utah, for the Mid-Year Meeting, I am looking forward to networking with all of the contractors who attend. We are working hard as an association to set up networking opportunities. We all need help getting through these tough economic times.

If you have not registered for Park City, it is not too late. Come join us and see what opportunities you have, and learn how we can make your business better.

About the Author

John J. Smith Jr. is the President of John J. Smith Masonry Company. He has served as an officer on the Executive Board, the Region E Vice President, and the Marketing Committee Chairman for the Mason Contractors Association of America.


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