CS Unitect EHR 23/2.4 S Set hand-held mixer
CS Unitect EHR 23/2.4 S Set hand-held mixer
April 8, 2016 3:00 PM CDT

Hand-held mixing drill with two-speed gearbox

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CS Unitec’s newest variable-speed, hand-held mixer features a two-speed gearbox, for the most demanding mixing applications. The Model EHR 23/2.4 S Set has a load speed of 0 to 250 and 0 to 580 rpm. It is equipped with a rugged paddle that can handle high-viscosity materials in batches up to 200 pounds, including epoxy, mortars, plasters and cement; quartz-containing resins and flooring compounds; and insulation.

The mixer’s heavy-duty galvanized paddle has a helical design that mixes the batch from the bottom up, preventing splash and keeping air from being sucked into the material. Ergonomic “H” handles ensure comfortable operation and also protect the mixer motor from dirt, if it is put down at the jobsite.

For more information, visit www.csunitec.com.

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