Leon B. Resnick

Leon B. Resnick, with his identical twin brother, Terrance K. Resnick, are partners in Resnick Associates, a nationally recognized estate, business succession, and life insurance advisory and implementation planning firm with offices in Kansas City and Harrisburg, PA.

Resnick Associates has spoken before and worked extensively with a large number of business and trade associations and their members throughout the United States, including MCAA.

Resnick Associates has published many articles in business magazines, newspapers, and trade journals on the topics of estate planning, business succession, and proper life insurance due diligence and implementation for business owners. The Resnicks were also featured in Nation's Business, at that time, the largest circulated business magazine in the country and the book, Streetwise Marketing Plan.

Resnick Associates is a co-founder of the Elizabethtown College Family Business Center in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, one of the largest college based family business centers in the United States.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

In recent years, there has been an increased public awareness of the high mortality rate among family-owned businesses when the founder or founders die. Full story