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Methods of Improving Stone Masonry Cavity Wall Construction

Provider: Mason Contractors Association of America
Discipline: Masonry Products
Credits: 1.00

This presentation will summarize common cavity wall construction problems along with advice and solutions. Stone masonry construction has undergone a slow historical transition from mass walls, where the entire wall is used to prevent water infiltration, to cavity walls, where an open space behind the masonry veneer and a weather-resistive barrier manages water infiltration. These two methods of managing water require distinct construction methods. Complications often occur when cavity wall construction is only partially or incorrectly implemented. Specific issues to be addressed include: minimizing efflorescence, use of efficient drainage, anchorage methods, insulation concerns, accessory recommendations, and detailing recommendations.

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the conceptual distinction between cavity wall and mass wall stone masonry
  • Understand common sources of efflorescence and methods of minimizing it
  • Be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of various cavity wall stone masonry accessory products
  • Be familiar with methods of detailing and installing cavity wall stone masonry to avoid common problems

For more information please visit or contact Mason Contractors Association of America at 800-536-2225.

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