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July 13, 1998 7:00 AM CDT

5th International Masonry Conference


The Fifth International Masonry Conference, sponsored by the British Masonry Society, will be held from Monday, October 12, 1998 through Wednesday October 14, 1998 at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch, London, England. It is anticipated that papers covering the following topics will be presented:

Materials and manufacturing, units, components and mortar: Experimental data on units, mortar, components and structures, new products and processes

Environmental conservation: Use of waste materials in products or as substitutes, minimizing effluents, reducing the impact of quarrying, reuse of demolition materials, disposal of site waste

Architectural and engineering design: Reinforced and prestressed masonry and seismic design, structural design, connections and other details, bridges, arches and stone masonry, fire design, performance and protection, numerical analysis and modeling

Building physics: Performance of Buildings, test methods

Response of masonry to the environment: Durability of materials and structures, effect of different building types on the environment

Codes and standards: Including comparative assessments and explanatory background

Construction: Economics, including case studies of costs, quality control and assurance for materials and structures

Regeneration, refurbishment & preservation: Investigation and restoration of historic buildings, nondestructive testing

Metals in Masonry: Bed joint reinforcement, straps, ties, joist hangers, and replacement and remedial ties

Makers and Builders session for papers and discussions on the development of competitive product strategies, more efficient building methods, and novel products and designs

Exhibition: There will be an opportunity for manufacturers and others to display products and services

The masonry industry in the United States is hoping that it will be well represented at this conference.

Registration for the conference may be made by contacting:

The Organizing Secretary
5th International Masonry Conference
British Masonry Society
c/o BCRL
Queens Road
Fax: 44 1782 412331

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