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December 8, 1999 9:24 AM CST

Masonry Show Security Tips


To maintain a successful security program, we need the help of all exhibitors. Experience shows that, unfortunately, many exhibitors become complacent regarding the protection of their exhibits, thereby inviting theft by failure to exercise minimal security precautions. Therefore, in the interest of providing maximum exhibit security, we offer the following “Security Tips” for this and any other exhibition facility:

DO NOT ship display material directly to the facility for receipt prior to the first day of setup. Most exhibit halls do not have proper security storage with sufficient size to insure against theft. All exhibit materials should be sent to the designated drayage contractor for safekeeping and delivery at set-up time.

DO ship exhibits in sturdy containers, which do not indicate contents. Your company name, name of show, date of show and booth number must be clearly marked on all cartons and cases.

DO NOT leave unpacked display material unattended during setup or teardown hours. Make sure shipping containers are empty before being sent to crate storage during the show. Upon removal, pack, seal and address all containers for return shipment before leaving booth.

DO securely fasten all lightweight, high-theft-risk items (such as cameras, electrical equipment, calculators, etc.) to display boards or lock in showcases. Personal items of value should never be left in an unattended exhibit.

DO request overnight lockup of high-theft-risk display items. Your drayage contractor or exhibit hall management will assist you in arranging secure storage of your equipment during non-show hours.

BE especially cautious during the first two (2) hours after the exhibits close. Most items which mysteriously disappear do so during this time frame.

During show hours, merchandise carried through the main entrance of the exhibit areas must be accompanied by a merchandise release pass. Passes can be obtained by showing your exhibitor credentials at the Exhibitor Registration Desk. (This procedure is a deterrent against theft and should not be perceived as a guarantee against items being taken off the show floor.)

Again, safeguarding your exhibit is the responsibility of each exhibiting company. THE MASONRY SHOW will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any exhibitor’s booth equipment or materials. See THE MASONRY SHOW exhibit contract for liability and insurance information.

About the Author

Rachel A. Young, CMP was the Director of Meetings and Conventions for the Mason Contractors Association of America.


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