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May 2, 2002 9:01 AM CDT

Our Roots Are In The Association, Our Commitment Is To The Industry


I received an email several weeks ago complimenting me on the continuing development of the Mason Contractors Association of America's Masonry magazine. But in the same email we were chastised a bit for having too many "pro-association" features in the March 2002 issue. If you recall, we ran a feature on our Association's new president, Bill McConnell and we ran our former president, Mike Johnston's "State of the Association" which was a look back over the past year and the Association's key accomplishments. It was felt by the person who criticized us that the majority of our readers would not care about pro-association features. Maybe so, but we believe that if you read the words of our presidents you will find the future. In our Association features you will discover where the Association and the industry mason contractors will be going, what goals will be achieved and how we will attempt to build masonry into the dominant material.

Our magazine will always report on the Associations activities and its vision. These are the roots of our organization, which anchor our direction as an industry. As an association magazine whose roots are deep in the interests of the mason contractor, we are guided by a strong interest in providing features that challenge mason contractors to expand their abilities as business owners. To become engaged in action to build a stronger industry and also become socially conscience to give something back.

As an industry publication with its roots in an association, we have the freedom to challenge the industry to take action and have the credibility to lead the industry.

Roughly eighteen months ago the Mason Contractors Association of America's Board decided to make Masonry magazine a monthly publication, expanding the benefits and usefulness to mason contractors. Based on comments from our readers, we have done a good job providing you with an increasingly beneficial publication.

In order to continue our growth and worth to you, the MCAA entered into an agreement with Lionheart Publishing. Beginning with the June 2002 issue, Masonry magazine will be outsourced. Lionheart brings the MCAA years of producing quality association publications. That strong experience will enable Masonry to become the industry's premier publication. Masonry magazine remains the association's publication, the voice of the mason contractor with roots deep in the Association. Our commitment continues to be to the industry and the mason contractor.

About the Author

Michael Adelizzi was the Executive Director of the Mason Contractors Association of America.


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