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September 23, 2003 3:43 PM CDT

MCAA Board Reviews Achievements, Establishes Expanded Goals


On Saturday, September 13 in San Diego, the Mason Contractors Association of America Board of Directors met to review key accomplishments that the association has achieved. The Board heard reports from the Legislative, Marketing, Education Training and Technical Committees and their activities since the Annual Meeting in Tampa. President McConnell outlined the goal of expanding the association?s web-site and its impact for marketing the industry as well as the association.

David Hill, Chairman of the Education Committee which accepted the challenge of the president to oversee this initiative reported that the MCAA hired a full time Manager of Internet Technology to spearhead the expansion of the web-site. He introduced Tim O?Toole who reviewed the progress to date. Highlights in the newly expanded site included a complete convention site, an expanded buyers guide, a more expansive career site, and greater information on the association and membership. The site will be continually updated and expanded to make it a focal point for the industry.

The Board heard a report from Marion Marshall who updated the association on the status of Association Health Plan legislation, Tax Credit legislation for mason contractors who train apprentices, the associations Alliance with OSHA as well as additional issues that the MCAA is negotiating with OSHA. Director of

Workforce Development, Melissa Polivka reported on the status of the High School Career initiative. The Board hear that over 1,100 high schools have requested career information and the MCAA was working to develop a finding base to implement the entire career campaign which includes providing masonry career information in our nations high schools as well as conducting career days and establishing vocational training in the high schools.

The Marketing Committee reported on an initiative from the industry?s chapter executive directors and the national staff to develop a major advertising initiative to promote masonry systems. Mike Adelizzi reviewed a new web-site that is being developed which will offer masonry customers comprehensive information on designing with masonry. The Execs Council believes that the program that will be introduced at the MCAA Annual meeting in Las Vegas will have a significant impact on expanding the use of masonry. Currently, little information exists on designing with masonry systems. While there is significant information on various masonry materials, little promotion exists regarding systems. The Board believes that the mason contractors and their associations are best suited for promoting systems

The Board reviewed the MCAA Long Range Strategic Plan and its five Mega Goal areas. The Strategic Plan was first developed nearly four years ago and outlines the direction that the association is headed. The Board continually reviews the progress that the association is making in achieving its goals and our effectiveness as an association. The Board expanded the role that the association will play in marketing the use of masonry. The new masonry systems web site and MCAA?s new partnership with the Construction Specifiers Institute will be vital in achieving this. The Board is seeking an expanded role and involvement of contractors in the codes process. The MCAA will encourage chapters to sponsor representatives to codes and standards development meetings to represent the interests on contractors. Lastly, the Board will seek greater involvement of contractors to pass key legislation in Washington as well as increasing campaign fund to support federal candidates.

About the Author

Michael Adelizzi was the Executive Director of the Mason Contractors Association of America.


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