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November 19, 2003 7:41 AM CST

Sponsor Your State's High Schools


There are schools in your state that want masonry career information for their students, but haven?t gotten it yet. We need your help to deliver it to them!

As we've reported, MCAA launched the "Check Out a Career in Masonry" High School Recruitment Campaign by contacting the over 17,000 high schools in the nation offering a free career kit, and the response was overwhelming. With the over 1,400 high schools interested in participating, MCAA has the opportunity to make a dramatic impact on the future of masonry.

Over the past few months, MCAA has been soliciting industry suppliers and associations to finance our efforts. We are asking for $200 per school - a one time "school sponsorship" that will pay for all our work in that school over the next few years. Feedback has been positive, and most everyone agrees that a campaign like this is absolutely necessary for our industry. However, these organizations have not been as eager to support this program with the money needed to make it happen.

These schools patiently wait for their career information, since it was promised to be sent to them at the beginning of the school year. Every day we wait to deliver these materials, the industry is losing time to make an impact on students' career decisions and losing any positive impression we may have had on the school administrators who responded.

So, now we are turning to you for help. Please consider sponsoring some of the schools in your area. Ask your suppliers to contribute, and match with your donation. Contact your local chapter and cover your state?s schools as an association. With you and all MCAA members, we can easily fulfill the promise we made to the schools and the young people of our country.

Please contact Melissa Polivka at or 800-536-2225 to lend your support to our effort. With a commitment from everyone in the industry, we can lay a foundation to ensure masonry?s quality workforce well into the future.

About the Author

Melissa Polivka spent time as the Director of Marketing, Director of Membership, and Director of Workforce Development for the Mason Contractors Association of America.


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