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November 25, 2003 8:13 AM CST

Painter Talks Constructability to Federal Officials


Nearly one hundred federal officials responsible for government construction came to the Masonry Industry Council's Federal Officials Seminar to hear presentations on various masonry issues. One topic was "constructability" presented by MCAA Technical Committee Chairman, Jerry Painter of Painter Masonry. The forty minute presentation focused on close communication between the government and mason contractors working on federal projects. Close communication that should begin in the planning stages of a federal project. Painter used numerous slide of both quality details and examples of what bad details can result when the communication process breaks down. ?Jerry made us think very seriously about getting subcontractors more involved in the process and not to rely so much on general contractors? said one federal official.

MCAA?s has been involved in the Federal Officials Seminar for four years and views this program as an important market development activity. ?As an industry, we need to protect our markets in all government construction in particularly federal construction. Many local governmental institutions get their lead from what the federal government is doing? said MCAA Executive Director Michael Adelizzi. ? If federal projects continue to signal the importance of using masonry, then local schools, municipal buildings and community projects will continue to reflect that focus which is good for all mason contractors, not just the ones doing federal work.?

The MIC Federal Officials Seminar is a yearly event supported by the Mason Contractors Association of America, the National Concrete Masonry Association, the Portland Cement Association, the International Masonry Institute and the Brick Industry Association.

About the Author

Michael Adelizzi was the Executive Director of the Mason Contractors Association of America.


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