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January 27, 2004 8:20 AM CST

An Abundance of Masonry Resources


Looking for valuable masonry resources? Then you?ve come to the right place. The Mason Contractors Association of America has several great resources available at its website ( that will be useful for anyone in the industry or interested in masonry. These resources are continually being updated, and new resources are constantly being added!

Listed below are just a few of the beneficial resources offered:

Website Design Services
Establish your presence on the Internet and expose millions of potential customers across the Internet to your company.

Masonry Career Training
An online database feature more than 60 recongnized masonry training programs throughout the United States and Canada, listed exclusively on this website.

Resource Catalog
Browse an extensive collection of materials available to purchase, including items on codes and standards, forklift safety, and wall bracing.

Technical Resources
Includes technical information on cavity walls, structural brick, and other masonry topics. It also features helpful technical links

Technical Articles
A collection of various technical articles that have been posted on this website.

Safety Library
An extensive collection of safety resources including hot topics, safety talks, and model documents to help keep your company accident free.

Contact Congress
Our site gives you the opportunity to contact your representatives in the Senate and House and let them know how you feel about the important issues affecting the masonry industry.

Hot and Cold Weather Masonry Construction
A reference for the construction of masonry structures during above-normal and below-normal temperature conditions based on criteria presented in Specifications for Masonry Structures, ACI 530.1-98 / ASCE 5-98 / TMS 402-98, prepared by the Masonry Standards Joint Committee (MSJC).

Advertising Information
Expose your company and its products to over 9,000 hits per day on the MCAA website

Business Resources
Read the MCAA manuals on marketing and planning to assist in making your company successful.

Masonry Message Board
A growing community of masons, contractors, and MCAA staff discussing important issues throughout the masonry industry.

These are just a few of the many resources that can be found on our website. Be sure to do a little exploration of your own to find even more valuable resources available.

About the Author

Tim O’Toole is the Director of Marketing for the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA). He has a Masters in Business Administration from Webster University and has worked in the masonry industry since 2003.


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