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March 28, 2004 8:00 AM CST

2004 International Excellence in Masonry Awards


The 2004 MCAA International Excellence in Masonry Awards Competition took place on Sunday night, March 21 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The premier awards program for excellence in masonry was once again an outstanding success.

The ceremony kicked off with a video awards program, giving recognition to mason contractors, architects, engineers and construction customers for outstanding accomplishments in masonry selection, design and construction.

The MCAA would like to congratulate all of the winners:

Best of Show

Best of Show, Stone / People's Choice Award: Stegmann Residence
Mason Contractor: Spencer Brickwork, Inc.
Architect: Dick Busch Associates

Best of Show, Brick: William H. Gates Hall
Mason Contractor: Fairweather Masonry Co., Inc.
Architect: Mahlum Architects


1st Place: Lakeshore Gothic
Mason Contractor: Western Masonry, Inc.
Architect: Curtis Geolotte Architects
Judges Comments: This project speaks masonry. Entirely clad in masonry, this project exhibits what architecture and masonry can do together. The limestone detailing around the front entry is continued on the windows and gives you a feel of a European home. Judges especially enjoyed the flow of masonry into the interior archways earning residential first place to Lakeshore Gothic.

2nd Place: Van Slyke Residence
Mason Contractor: Spencer Brickwork, Inc.
Architect: Dick Busch Associates
Judges Comments: It's all about the detail on this project. Limestone trim on every window, the small and unique details throughout this structure gave the judges an old world feel. Not enough can be said about this project so second place goes to the Van Slyke Residence.
Honorable Mention / Best of Show, Stone: Stegmann Residence
Mason Contractor: Spencer Brickwork, Inc.
Architect: Dick Busch Associates
Judges Comments: The overall work and detail put into this 9800 sq. foot residence alone is worth a mention. The use of stone masonry and the onsite challenges of transporting the materials up the 700 ft. bluff; much was hand carried and up to 150 tons were transported in this fashion. Due to the masonry work and effort put into this project, the judges gave the honorable mention to the Stegmann Residence.

Rehab / Restoration

1st Place: Redman Residence
Mason Contractor: Barkshire Panel Systems
Architect: Cardwell Architects
Judges Comments: The judges were impressed with the amount of work and attention to detail that was put into this renovation. Layout changes and additions to this building, while keeping the historical architecture, made their first choice project the Redman Residence.

2nd Place: U.S. Federal Building
Mason Contractor: Brazos Masonry
Architect: 3D/International
Judges Comments: The architectural detailing and restoration of this historical building guaranteed the second place spot to the U.S. Federal Building.
Honorable Mention: Starbuck's Center
Mason Contractor: Barkshire Panel Systems
Architect: Ron Wright & Associates

Govermental / Institutional

2nd Place: Eugene Public Library
Mason Contractor: Davidson's Masonry, Inc.
Architect: Robertson/Sherwood/Architects pc
Judges Comments: Brick design, texture and patterning gave this building a three-dimensional feel. Brick color palettes and textures makes the building pop out at you emphasizing masonry detailing awarding second place to Eugene Public Library.

Honorable Mention: Latino Cultural Center
Mason Contractor: Dee Brown, Inc.
Architect: Halff Associates
Judges Comments: The unique architecture and combined use of exterior materials interested the judges. The use of Accrodal system displayed new and innovative uses of masonry, earning an honorable mention to the Latino Cultural Center.

Industrial / Commercial

1st Place / Best of Show, Brick: William H. Gates Hall
Mason Contractor: Fairweather Masonry Co., Inc.
Architect: Mahlum Architects
Judges Comments: The masonry design incorporated with glass architecture was what really impressed judges. The acute angles and masonry patterning that were carried out throughout the building displayed craftsmanship through masonry and how combined with architecture can result in an awe inspiring project.

2nd Place: Nasher Sculpture Center
Mason Contractor: Dee Brown, Inc.
Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Judges Comments: The judges noted the symmetrical design of this building and the incorporation of masonry on the exterior as well as the interior.
Honorable Mention: The Georgetown Incinerator
Mason Contractor: J.D. Long Masonry, Inc.
Architect: Gary Edward Handel & Associates

Education - 9-12

Honorable Mention: Holt High School
Mason Contractor: Davenport Masonry, Inc.
Architect: TMP Associates
Judges Comments: Honorable mention for its design and use of masonry to give it a crisp and contemporary feel with its combination of brick and block. Judges also like the continuation of the brick to the interior walls.

Education - College/University

1st Place: Jesse H. Jones Graduate School
Mason Contractor: Lucia, Inc.
Architect: Morris Architects, Design: Robert A.M. Stern Architects
Judges Comments: The judges liked the attention to detailing of the brick around the window arches, the patterns and color palette of the brick work and how it was all brought together. The use of brick, granite, limestone and marbles made this project one of their top picks.

2nd Place: Texas Tech University Student Center
Mason Contractor: Brazos Masonry, Inc.
Architect: HHPA
Judges Comments: The next project showcases limestone archways and the patterned limestone that makes the walls stand out from the rest of the building.
Honorable Mention: Plant Services Building, Olympic College
Mason Contractor: Master Associated Masons Inc.
Architect: Schrieber & Lane Architects

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