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April 29, 2004 2:34 PM CDT

With Increased Demand Comes Variety and Options


Masonry hardscaping products, such as pavers, fencing, retaining walls and outdoor rooms, are the latest trend that's sweeping the nation's residential backyards, and public retail and recreational areas. Consumers are starting to compare and see for themselves the versatility and long-lasting abilities of masonry in exterior applications. Why build with wood or other high-maintenance products when you can use masonry, sit back and enjoy it for years to come?

With this burgeoning consumer mentality and elevated sales in hardscaping products comes the increase in the varieties and options available. We've all seen the typical pavers that have been available for years, but a whole different type of pavers and accompanying accessories are hitting the stores to whet the appetites of consumers.

With its "traditional meets old world" style, one such variety is Pine Hall Brick Company's Rumbled? pavers.

"The pavers are tumbled after they are fired to give them the 'Old World' look of a paver that's been around for hundreds of years," says Renee Lawson, Marketing Manager of Pine Hall in Winston-Salem, N.C. "Many home styles today are Mediterranean or European styles that require a paver that doesn't look new or manufactured. The rounded edges of the Rumbled pavers lends itself to this style."

And with an estimated life expectancy in excess of 100 years and surpassing ASTM specifications for strength and freeze/thaw durability, these pavers will more than satisfy customer expectations for longevity.

With much the same strength and durability as Pine Hall's Rumbled pavers, GeckoStone's line goes all the way to the other end of the style spectrum and reaches a completely different market.

GeckoStone? of Kula, Hawaii, manufactures tessellated ? covering an entire plane with basically one repetitive geometric image ? pavers that are unique to any others on the market. These fun products not only provide true interlocking capabilities, but also do not require any border materials to keep them from walking away.

"Most 'interlocking' pavers use the term incorrectly, as they are only inter-relational ? meaning they simply nest together ? not physically locked like Gecko Stones do," says John August, Owner and inventor of GeckoStone.

The interlocking shapes ? which include geckos, "hexacon" and frogs ? not only keep the pavers on the right path, but also bring something fun and new to the world of pavers.

"Homeowners are absolutely bored with current concrete paver selection. I have literally thousands of letters/emails proclaiming such," states August. "The look of GeckoStone is unique and can be enhanced further by the use of colors, and the organic shapes blend easily with any landscaping."

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