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May 13, 2004 3:22 PM CDT

Does Price Come First?


When making purchases for our businesses, all of us look for "the good deal" - the best product on the market for the lowest possible price.

Take vehicle tires for example. In today's world, with faulty tires, accidents and lawsuits, what comes to mind and

what is your deciding factor? Blowouts? Wear? Safety? Price? Price may be a concern, but I bet most of us would answer that the overall value is what we research. We want our investment to go further. If that means the extra $75 I spent on the last set of tires gets me an additional 10,000 miles safely and another year of use, then that is a good deal.

Should buying scaffold planks be any different? As a buyer considering cheap prices, ask yourself: Are corners being cut? What risk am I running and at what cost? What will get my crew from Point A to Point B safely?

With stricter grading tolerances than standard DI65 scaffold plank, the GripStrip? Scaffold Plank rises to a new level of performance, safety and longevity, while maintaining a competitive investment.

DI65 scaffold plank grade allows for a certain amount of end split, warp and stain; defects that can quickly shorten the life of a plank. At the time GripStrip? Scaffold Plank is manufactured, all splits, warp, stain and other noticeable defects are completely removed. GripStrip? Scaffold Plank is also more dense than traditional scaffold plank, resulting in better deflection, stable performance and most importantly ? longer life.

Every high-quality piece then goes through the following processes in order to make it a GripStrip? Scaffold Plank:

  • All planks have GripStrips? on both top and bottom to help eliminate slippery surfaces, thus providing a far safer plank to work on.
  • GripStrip? planks are mechanically Proof-Loaded in a non-destructive manner per ANSI (A10.8-2001) specifications.
  • Each end is Hydraulically Pinned and Precision Mitered on all corners.
  • GripStrips? are highlighted with waterproof ink to ensure moisture beading, lack of moisture entry and extended plank life.
  • Continuously-branded, permanently with your company's name, "OSHA SCAFFOLD PLANK" and the date of production.
  • Advanced Performance Water Sealer applied to the ends.

Don't risk your business with questionable scaffold plank. Check with your scaffold plank supplier to help lessen your liability - request a certificate of Liability Insurance. Ask for a Certification of Grade/Specification. Do they visually grade and proof-load? What safety features can they provide for you to maximize the well being of your crew? Contact the Scaffold Industry Association for other requirements set forth for plank manufactures.

When purchasing scaffold plank for your next job, take into consideration the risk of price only and what you get for it. With a zero failure/accident free record, GripStrip? Scaffold Plank will help you rise to that next level safely.

For more information on GripStrip? Scaffold Plank, contact Mill Direct Lumber Sales, Inc., toll-free at (866) 261-5563 or on the web at

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