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May 17, 2004 9:35 AM CDT

New Equipment Round-up 2004


With so many different construction tradeshows ? like the Masonry Showcase, MCPX, World of Masonry and others ? happening across the U.S., new and amazing products for the industry are popping up as well. Here is just a taste of some of the new masonry products that are fresh from the tradeshow floors:

FalconTM Self-Retracting Lifelines

With a lifetime housing guarantee, the new line of Miller Falcon? Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs) exceeded a series of extreme durability performance tests that included being run over by a utility van, dropped from 20 feet, and hit with a hammer. When used in tough, rugged environments, the Falcon SRL sets a new standard as the lightest, strongest and most indestructible retractable lifeline on the market today. Available in 20-, 30-, 50- and 65-foot models in both galvanized wire and stainless steel wire rope, the Falcon SRL line features no annual factory re-certification. For more information, call Miller Customer Service at (800) 873-5242 or visit

V723 Telescopic Tool Carrier

The Bobcat V723 telescopic tool carrier has a longer wheelbase than previous models, allowing an increased lifting capacity and giving the machine a rated load capacity of 7000 lbs. The V723 features a maximum lift height of 23 feet. VersaHandler telescopic tool carriers utilize a light, rigid frame for better stability and reduced flex, which allow them to lift as much as heavier machines in their class. The V723 model is available with a climate controlled cab (HVAC). Both models feature heavy-duty hydrostatic ground drive for shifting-on-the-fly between high- and low-drive speed ranges. Their automotive-style transmission also makes them simple to operate. For more information, call visit

Buechel Stone Corp.
Blended Building Stones

Buechel Stone Corp. is excited to announce their newest building stone products: Mill Creek, Frontier Gray and Woodlake Blend. All three are a beautiful blend of natural stone to enhance your home exterior or fireplace surround. Mill Creek is featured here and offers a fresh, new range of colors including cream, tan, caramel and dark brown. For more information about these and other products, please contact your Buechel Stone sales representative at (800) 236-4473.

B-Series Telehandlers

Caterpillar recently announced the last and largest of the new B-Series Telehandler line-up of eight machines. The TH580B has a maximum lift height of 56 feet and a rated load capacity of 10,000 lbs. In contrast, the smallest in the line, the TH220B, has a lift height of 20 feet and load capacity of 5,500 lbs., but the small machine excels in bucket work as well as handling palletized materials. The B-Series machines feature intuitive single-joystick operation, reliable and powerful Caterpillar power trains and an extended range of work tools for expanded versatility. For more information, visit the Caterpillar web site at

Cultured Stone?

Owens Corning's new Cultured Stone? Rockface texture provides masons with even more flexibility to respond to demands for two of today's hottest looks ? contemporary and old world. When installed with complementary mortar, Rockface's shapes impart a clean look perfect for modern homes. The same texture installed with contrasting mortar produces a more traditional appearance. Appropriate to custom and production homes, Rockface is also perfect for landmark signage and landscaping applications. The new product comes in five colors: Romano, Dover, Bucks County, Stirling and Granite. For more information, call (800) 255-1727 or visit

SDS Rotary Hammer

DeWALT's new pistol-grip D25103K one-inch SDS rotary hammer is engineered to last longer and hit harder for better productivity when drilling and chipping in concrete, masonry, asphalt and tile. The D25103K is 40% more durable than similar hammers currently available. Three rubber-spring dust seals protect the large hammer mechanism, while dust-sealed ball bearings and large pop-off brushes help extend motor life. Weighing less than six pounds, the hammer delivers 2.3 ft/lbs. of impact energy, the most in its class. For more information, call (800) 4-DEWALT or visit

Durand Forms, Inc.
BrickLedge Bracket

Durand Forms, Inc.'s innovative BrickLedge Brackets allows contractors to form a brick ledge without using Styrofoam, lumber, treated cardboard, plastic or other costly and labor-intensive materials. The BrickLedge is particularly well suited for applications involving hilly terrain where a large brick exposure on the basement foundation is required. Users can specify hole pattern and panel type, including smooth, vertical or textured brick. For more information, visit or

Endless Mountain Stone Co.
Tumbled Four-inch Snapped Veneer

This rock solid, mason-friendly four-inch depth bed veneer in natural bluestone ranges one to four inches in thickness and six to 42 inches in length. The veneer has been tumbled for an antique look. The color range is blue, green-brown earth tones. Varying thicknesses and lengths add to the unique look of natural stone, while long lengths increase installation square footage per hour, just like laying two to five bricks at one time. For more information, call Endless Mountain Stone Co. at (570) 465-7200 or visit our web site at

EZ Grout
Hog Leg?

How many contractors have trouble bracing masonry walls? EZ Grout Corporation introduces the Hog Leg?, yet another innovation to make your job site more productive and profitable. Tested for strength and durability, the Hog Leg? makes wall bracing a one- to two-man assembly. The heaviest extension weighs only 38 lbs. Each Hog Leg kit contains enough material to brace a wall 400' long at 14' high, or 100' long wall at 30' high. Bracing masonry walls just got easier with the Hog Leg?. For more information, call (800) 417-9272 or visit

7000 Series Skid Loaders

The new Gehl 7000 Series skid loaders include Model 7610, which has an 86-hp Perkins Tier II diesel engine and a 3,400-lb. SAE rated operating load; and the massive Model 7810, which is powered by an industry-leading 115-hp Perkins Tier II turbo diesel engine and has an industry-high 3,675-lb. rated operating load. The extended 55-inch wheelbase, combined with the floating lift arm action of the optional Hydraglide? ride control system, makes for a smoother ride. The new Power-A-Tach? universal-style quick-attach system option makes changing attachments fast and easy. For more information, call (800) 628-0491 or visit

Haener Block
Two-Block Mortarless Building System

Haener Block's two-block mortarless building system is laid up to 10 times faster than mortared block and manufactured on the same machines for about the same cost. Breakage in transportation is nearly eliminated as blocks are interlocked on the pallet. After a mason lays and plumbs the first course, each worker can stack as many as 800 blocks per day, with perfectly self-aligning walls and corners. Haener Block is available as insulated and non-insulated, with a variety of finishes. For more information, call (619) 226-8185 or visit

DS-KC Hand-held Gas Saw

For power when you need it, plus Hilti quality and service, look no further than the DS-KC Hand-held Gas Saw. The saw's long stroke motor with Smart Power? provides more usable power when the saw blade bogs down, so there's less wear and tear on the operator, saw and blade when cutting concrete, brick and block, metal, decking or drywall track. Built to last, the saw offers numerous comfort and safety features so operators will experience less down time and more productivity. For more information, contact Hilti Customer Service at (800) 879-8000 or visit

Masonry by Design!

Masonry by Design! is a web-based application designed to make brick, block and colored mortar selection simple for architects, builders and homeowners. The user can select from a variety of brick/block styles and mortar colors to create panels and walls in seconds. Images can be exported into the user's CAD modeling program for use in renderings or photo quality prints. The user can also view and interact with various masonry products on actual finished residential or commercial buildings. Try Masonry by Design! by visiting

H135-155XL2 Lift Truck Series

The Hyster H135-155XL2 lift truck series has pneumatic tires and is available in 13,500 or 15,500 lbs. The series is equipped with environmentally friendly GM4.3LV-6 or Perkins Diesel engines. Its cast ductile iron steer axle provides optimal maneuverability while reducing maintenance requirements, and its single-reduction drive axle increases strength and durability. This series features a convenient access hole in the floor plate to check engine oil and hydraulic fluid levels, while the two-piece gull-wing hood allows easy access to other serviceable components. For more information, call (800) HYSTER-1 or visit

in-Lite Design Corp.
Low-Voltage Light

With the help of fiberglass reusable dowels or permanent inserts, in-Lite Design's low-voltage lights can be inserted in freshly placed concrete (stamped concrete, etc). With the help of a special milling tool, they can also be placed in paving stone, retaining walls and existing concrete and around pools, driveways, steps and walkways. For more information, visit or call (888) 344-9230.

VR-723 Telescopic Tool Carrier

Ingersoll-Rand's new VR-723 telescopic tool carrier offers job site versatility for all project phases, with its lift-and-reach capacity, tight-turning radius, low-mounted boom and compact size. The VR-723 has been redesigned with a powerful turbocharged 100-hp Perkins Tier II engine and hydrostatic transmission. Other updates include an additional 1,000 lbs. of practical load capacity, an improved powertrain and hydraulic oil cooling package, a more durable boom for ground-engaging applications and improvements to cab ergonomics and durability. It can swiftly change from a forklift carriage to any other attachment with its hydraulic quick-attach system. For more information, call (877) IR-BRAND or visit

SDS-plus Hammer Drill Bits

IRWIN Industrial Tool Company introduces SDS-plus hammer drill bits with patented flute designs and tip geometries that increase hammer drilling speeds to achieve more work in less time. The patented features enable the bits to remove dust quickly for more efficient drilling and longer life. IRWIN SDS-plus hammer drill bits are available with four- and two-cutter head designs to meet every job site need. The bits fit all SDS-plus and Hilti? TE-C rotary hammer drills. In addition to SDS-plus bits, IRWIN offers a full range of hammer drilling and demolition accessories. For more information, visit or call (800) GO-IRWIN.


Professional-grade wheelbarrows designed for mason contractors, landscapers and roofers offer unique benefits that promote safety in the workplace. Among the features of Jeep's extensive line are patented locking disc brakes, flat-free tires guaranteed for the life of the wheelbarrow, steel handles guaranteed for five years and Jeep roll bumpers that prevent damage to soft surfaces when unloading. A new eight-cube dual wheel model with wheels 11 inches on-center located within the handle frame allows navigation on standard OSHA planks of 2 1/2 feet and also reduces the risk of bowing an axle due to heavy loads. For more information, visit

OSHA 300 Recordkeeper

Keller-Soft? OSHA 300 Record-keeper features the most recent 300, 300A and 301 forms required by OSHA. The software makes it easy to complete the forms, determine whether an illness/injury is recordable, calculate rates of recordable incidents, sort data/generate reports and achieve a five-year record of data. Cost is only $149. Call (800) 327-6868 or visit for more information.

Lafarge North America
"Cements for Masonry" Manual

Lafarge North America announces the availability of the new Lafarge "Cements for Masonry" manual. This hearty, three-ring binder is an invaluable resource for architects, engineers, mason contractors and others interested in learning more about masonry mortars and their specifications. The information will assist professionals with specifying the proper mortar and will facilitate a clearer understanding of the characteristics of mortars when used in the field. To obtain a complimentary copy, contact your Lafarge representative or e-mail your business name and shipping information (no P.O. Boxes) with phone number to

Pistol Grip Rotary Hammer

Metabo Corporation's BHE22 rotary hammer features a new pistol grip design and a 5.2 A motor, providing increased operator comfort and more efficient drilling. Its quick-change three-jawed keyless chuck system allows the operator to rapidly install accessories for drilling into non-masonry materials. A gooseneck steel depth gauge provides increased drilling depth accuracy when setting anchors. The BHE22 also features a winding protection grid, an S-automatic safety clutch, a die cast aluminum gearbox and Variospeed electronic speed control. Its drilling capacity is 7/8" in concrete, 1-3/16" in wood, and 1/2" in steel. For more information, call (800) 638-2264 or visit

MSA Fall Protection
TechnaCurv Full Body Harness

The TechnaCurv Full Body Harness throws a curve to the ordinary harness with many new features never before seen in full body harnesses: Curvilinear Comfort System, variable-width sub-pelvic webbing, Secure-Fit buckles, Visco-Elastic Shoulder padding, Sorbtek fabric on shoulder and sub-pelvic pads, and Teflon-coated webbing. This is also the first harness on the market that allows you to order exactly the options you want, and only the options you want, through our Assemble-to-Order process. All these features combine to provide you with the most comfortable, versatile, unique and safe harness available today. For more information, call (800) MSA-2222 or visit

Owens Corning
Weep Guard? System

Owens Corning introduces the Weep Guard? Extruded Polystyrene Insulation System, the first product to combine rigid foam insulation with a mortar control device. The Weep Guard? system offers a J-shaped drainage mat that catches mortar droppings but allows water to pass through. It has an R-value of five per inch, superior moisture-resistance and "spring action" in the J channel that allows the product to fit any cavity dimension up to two inches. The system supports up to 10 pounds per lineal foot of mortar droppings without collapse. For additional information, visit or call (800) GET-PINK.

Pave Tech, Inc.

If you use string lines, try StringALONG string line adjustable height collars, for use on steel grade stakes. Set the height of the collar with your tape measure or transit, tighten the thumbscrew and pull the string line tight. No more need to tie knots that you can't get out or worry about the string line slipping when pulled tight into the self gripping teeth of the StringALONG. Put up and take down your sting lines often and quickly. For more details, visit or call (800) 728-3832.

Quest Solutions
Estimator 6.5

Quest Estimator 6.5 contains new features aimed at the masonry contracting market ? specifically, the new Glass Wall Visual Assembly. Exclusive to Quest software, Visual Assemblies calculate all material, labor and equipment costs that go into a given cost item ? like a glass wall, for example ? based on the user's own specifications. The user simply enters the dimensions of the wall and selects the specific materials to be used in its construction. The Glass Wall Visual Assembly calculates the total quantities and costs involved and turns takeoff measurements into a computer-generated diagram of the project. For more information, call (800) 452-2342 or e-mail

The QUIKRETE? Companies
5.5 Ounce Squeeze Repair Tubes

QUIKRETE Concrete Repair, QUIKRETE Concrete Crack Seal, QUIKRETE Mortar Repair, QUIKRETE Stucco Repair and QUIKRETE Blacktop Repair come in 5.5 ounce soft plastic tubes for easy hand-squeezed application when filling and sealing cracks. To use, clean surface and shake the tube well before cutting off the tip at an angle to make a 3/8" hole. Push the tube tip over the surface and squeeze a bead no thicker than 3/8" deep into the crack. After final application, area can be tooled to even out surfaces and excess can be wiped off with a damp cloth. For more information, visit

Rhino Tools
1526 Stone Mason's Bag

This heavy-duty bag is perfectly suited for stone working tools. Four inside pockets with elastic straps keep chisels separated and protected, and a large center divider holds stone hammers upright. Eight outside pockets hold pencils, nails, tape measure and other items. An enclosed bottom tray keeps smaller items (including your favorite snack). A plastic tray and shoulder strap are included. See our full line of professional stone working tools at,

Tuc-Pointer from Blastrac?

When used with an optional vacuum system, the Sawtec? Tuc-Pointer from Blastrac? controls dust to provide masonry and tile contractors with a cleaner, faster method for cutting out mortar or grout joints, or for tuckpointing. The saw cuts dry, saving cleanup time and providing excellent visibility, and it includes a shroud system to help contain dust. The unit may be used in horizontal or vertical applications. It features a heavy-duty Metabo grinder with electronic speed stabilizer, overload warning and automatic shut-off protection. An adjustable depth shoe is available to enhance cutting accuracy. For more information on Blastrac, visit or send an e-mail to

Shave Away, Europe
The Dust Muzzle?

The Dust Muzzle? is a transparent, flexible, polypropylene shroud for collecting dust created by diamond cup wheels, crack chasers and tuckpointers. It is over 95% efficient and will retrofit almost all grinders in minutes. It also comes with an adapter that converts the Dust Muzzle? into a dustless crack chaser or tuckpointer. Cost is $24.95. For more information, visit

STOW Construction Equipment
MS3 Masonry Saw

The new MS3 compact masonry saw from STOW Construction Equipment is the sleek, high-performance cutting tool for masonry professionals worldwide. Powered by a 2.5-horsepower, 115-volt electric motor, the MS3 has a 14-inch blade capacity and cuts up to five inches deep. Standard features are a solid, die-cast cart, security lock bar, roller wheel bearings, precise tracking, three-position post-lock head and internal spring assist. Options include a water kit and folding stand. For more information, call (877) BUY-STOW or visit

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