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November 21, 2005 7:36 AM CST

Envisioned Future & Goals Analysis


During the 2005 MCAA Midyear Meeting held in Ashville, NC the MCAA Board conducted an analysis of the 13 Mega Goals established in the Long Range Strategic Plan and the association activities in achieving these goals. It is important to remember that these Mega Goals could take 10 ? 30 years to achieve and the analysis showed some major movement and activity in accomplishing these goals. To find a copy of the MCAA Long Range Strategic Plan, go to the association website at where it is listed under Industry Documents.

Following is a list of each goal and the actions by the association to achieve each goal.

1. MCAA will be the "go to" organization for the entire industry.

  • Sharing ideas with international organizations
  • Great website, hits increasing
  • Get NCMA participation in conference
  • Increasing safety content
  • Legislative activity (OSHA, silica)
  • Engineering committee activity
  • Silica taskforce
  • Masonry magazine
  • NCMA joining Workforce Development Committee
  • Executives Council

    2. MCAA will unify all elements of the masonry industry.

  • Officer meetings with other associations (BSI, NCMA, BIA, etc.)
  • Executives Council
  • Joint seminars
  • Partnering with Masonry Instructors Assoc.
  • Masonry Industry Council
  • SkillsUSA

    3. Members will find value in MCAA membership.

  • Legislative, codes and standards activity is strong
  • Membership renewals (94% renewing); no static from dues increase
  • Increased membership by 16% 04-05
  • Positive feedback locally (re. national activity)

    4. MCAA will be the training and education sources for architectural and engineering pros.

  • Training Region 7 OSHA inspectors
  • Wall bracing seminars (Cincinnati ? 20 engineers attended)
  • Masonry It Makes a Village
  • Masonry magazine
  • Federal officials seminar
  • University Professors of Masonry Workshop
  • CSI partnership, educational programs at Masonry Showcase convention
  • Sharing ideas, networking

    5. MCAA will aggressively promote masonry as the building material of choice.

  • MCAA website and
  • Workforce Development programs, Check Out a Career in Masonry, recruitment, improving training materials, increasing number of programs
  • Joining committees with NCMA

    6. Educate students and school officials on the advantages of a career in masonry.

  • MCAA training manuals
  • Instructors
  • High school initiatives
  • VICA training programs
  • Career Days

    7. Legislators and others who influence will routinely consult us on issues affecting the masonry industry.

  • NIOSH (ergonomics)
  • SBREFA ? silica
  • Wall bracing
  • Legislative Conference
  • Full time presence in D.C.
  • OSHA inspectors training
  • OSHA alliance
  • Liaison with other associations who look to MCAA for leadership

    8. MCAA will be the highly regarded leader in education.

  • UPMW
  • Lightweight task force

    9. MCAA will be strategically aligned, able to influence, as well as influenced by relevant organizations in all our business lines (collaboration, partnership).

  • MIC
  • BAC and laborers
  • NCMA and BIA (needs work)
  • BSI

    10. Construction customers will have a greater understanding of the benefits, design, material, quality, related to masonry because of our communication efforts.

  • (Covered in #5)

    11. Local needs of the industry will be addressed through strong national/chapter relationships.

  • Executives Council
  • Better understanding of roles and consistent meetings

    12. MCAA will sustain an effective working relationship with the union, and we'll be able to more effectively collaborate on advocacy and promotion efforts.

  • High school initiative with IMI
  • Work with laborer's union
  • Meetings with association officers.
  • Magazine involvement with IMI and BAC

    13. MCAA will be an agent for the enhancement of masonry lifestyle for laborers, journeymen, company owners and the families of those in the masonry industry.

  • Safety programs and silica
  • Insurance benefits
  • Promoting the industry increases market share, which in turn increases security for workers
  • Improving management through membership
  • Masonry magazine validates positive points

    About the Author

    Michael Adelizzi was the Executive Director of the Mason Contractors Association of America.


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