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June 2, 2006 7:20 AM CDT

Senate Passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform


The Senate voted and passed last week a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Package. Unfortunately this is only the first step toward a much bigger goal. Now the House and Senate must reconcile their respective bills in conference. This is a process in which members of both Chambers will be appointed by the leadership in both parties to come together and find a compromise on the two competing bills. When and if this process is finished then, both the House and Senate will vote on the final product. If at which time this passes, the President will then sign the legislation into law.

In the months and weeks leading up to the Senates final vote on Immigration reform, MCAA played an integral part in negotiations to protect contractors. In addition to our part in the negotiations we attended briefings at the White House with Secretary of Commerce Gutierrez as well as Barry Jackson who is a Senior advisor to the President. In the final days leading up to the vote, MCAA was key in negotiations taking place with Senators Obama and other like minded Senators. MCAA's full capacity was put to the test in the final days and our key relationship with members of the Labor community benefited all.

It is important to note that whatever your view on Immigration and your thoughts on what should be done with the 11 - 12 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S., we were involved in this fight to protect you and your businesses. In both the House and Senate bill one of the key components is stricter enforcement in the workplace and punishment of employers. For that reason it is imperative that you working with MCAA make our voices heard.

About the Author

Jessica Johnson Bennett was the Director of Government Affairs for MCAA. She has an extensive background in public affairs and government relations. Her expertise in strategic planning, PAC management and operations help on key policy issues.


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