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December 7, 2006 11:54 AM CST

ASTM Committee C12 Celebrates its 75th Anniversary


Albert W. Isberner received the J. Ivan Davison Memorial Award for his lifelong work for the industry.
Albert W. Isberner received the J. Ivan Davison Memorial Award for his lifelong work for the industry.

The ASTM International Committee C12 on Mortars and Grouts for Unit Masonry celebrated its 75th anniversary at the Atlanta Hyatt Regency on Dec. 6, 2006. It was a quiet celebration; a piano player in the background, cocktails and a seated dinner for approximately 60 guests. The attendees many of whom are among the "Who's Who" of the masonry, mortar and grout industries came from every part of the nation to commemorate the history and advancements that the group and its members have achieved.

Many in the industry do not even realize the significance of this group's accomplishments. Mason contractors and their crews work daily with mortar and grout, with nary a thought to the years of hard work and effort that Committee C12 has provided in creating the research, methods for testing and specifications that make it possible for masons to construct reliable masonry structures. Since 1931, the Committee has developed 15 standards that are the basis for sound mortar and grout creation and use.

During the main attraction of the anniversary presentation, three members of the Committee John Heslip, past executive director of the Masonry Institute of Michigan and president of the National Concrete Masonry Association; Colin Munro, Chartered Masonry Consultant; and Jerry Painter, president of Painter Masonry Inc. presented their reflections on the Committee's accomplishments. With many nodding heads of agreement and smiles throughout the audience, they recounted the struggles endured and successes won by the group during the Committee's history.

The evening culminated with the introduction of the new J. Ivan Davison Memorial Award, named after one of the group's most profound members. This award was established to recognize an individual who has made exemplary technical, practical and/or administrative contributions to Committee C12 during a long and continuous period of time. To no one's surprise, the award was then presented to Albert W. Isberner, an avid leader and participant in the creation of many of the C12 standards.

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