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May 3, 2007 9:31 AM CDT

MCAA’s Third Annual Online Auction Taking Place Now!


There are only a few hours left in MCAA’s Third Annual Online Auction! Now is your chance to bid on new, name brand equipment for a fraction of the cost of retail! Save your company thousands of dollars and support the industry at the same time!

A handful of items are still listed at great prices including:

Retail Value: $15,000
Current Bid: $10,000

Retail Value: $15,000
Current Bid: $10,000

  • The strongest winch on the market
  • The strongest towers - guaranteed to never bend
  • Rack Brackets to quickly bundle your towers and get them moved to the next job without lost parts
  • The most working room
  • Quickly adaptable to pilasters, end returns, just about any special situation you may encounter
  • Non-Stop towers are legal to climb
  • Complimentary freight to the continental United States!

Retail Value: $2,800
Current Bid: $1,000

  • $2,800 certificate to use towards rental of a Fraco Product
  • FRACO is a dynamic manufacturer who produces high performance hydraulic mast-climbing work platforms
  • FRACO's mast-climbing work platforms are multipurpose equipment in that they can satisfy virtually any of your scaffolding needs.

Retail Value: $2,000
Current Bid: $750

  • FERO Angle Support Technology
  • Designed to meet the demand for technology that allows for faster, lower-cost shelf angle installations
  • System can be used to support: masonry veneer, thin granite veneer, pre-cast concrete, large stone panels, and more!
  • Eliminates the need for welded connections
  • Designed to allow cavity insulation to be continuous behind the angle iron
  • Installation animation available online at:

Retail Value: $448
Current Bid: $150

  • Safe, fast, simple, rebar connecting device
  • Increases mason productivity
  • Decreases exposure to worksite injuries
  • Saves time, money and rebar
  • Winner has their choice of 3 sizes: #3, #4, #5

Retail Value: $200
Current Bid: $50

Retail Value: $200
Current Bid: $50

  • An effective protection system based on a uniquely formed air-gap membrane
  • Prevents water from contacting the foundation wall
  • Unique design directs water to to the footer drain
  • Ventilates the foundation concrete and allows it to "breathe" and dry
  • Bridges cracks and gaps in the foundation
  • Rolls are 7 x 65.6 ft = 459 ft2

Retail Value: $179
Current Bid: $75

Retail Value: $179
Current Bid: $75

  • Fusion welded technology provides the ultimate in bonding strength between segment and steel core
  • Provides the right combination of speed, life and value
  • Cuts medium hard materials: cured concrete, light weight brick, heavy block, paver bricks
  • Industry standard arbor sizes and widths

Retail Value: $100
Current Bid: $25

  • Includes a set of cutting blocks
  • Contains cap bolts and washers for fastening the cutting blocks
  • Includes a quart of hydraulic oil
  • Contains stopper Bolt with spring
  • Set of the electrical motor carbon brushes
  • Handling instruction booklet included

Live bidding ends at 5:00 PM ET. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get great products for a great price! Only a few hours remain in the Third Annual Online Auction! Visit to submit your bid before time runs out on these amazing deals!

About the Author

Tim O’Toole is the Director of Marketing for the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA). He has a Masters in Business Administration from Webster University and has worked in the masonry industry since 2003.


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