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July 31, 2007 8:18 AM CDT

NYSCMA Assurance of Quality Program


Builders in the state of New York can now rely on a unique quality assurance program for concrete masonry building products. Nicholas F. Carparelli, executive director of the New York State Concrete Masonry Association (NYSCMA) said, "We're raising the bar for building construction products and posing a major hurdle for other products that don't meet the same high standards. This is especially important in a time when we see a need for increased building security, more efficient methods to conserve energy, and long-term savings not available from other building systems."

The new program, known as "F'm2000 — The NYSCMA Assurance of Quality Program," has been introduced statewide by the NYSCMA to ensure consistent availability of high-strength concrete masonry units to builders in New York.

Here's how it works: "Members of the NYSCMA participating in the new program will manufacture their regular production concrete masonry units to comply with the higher minimum strength defined in the program," Carparelli said. "The F'm2000 minimum standard exceeds current New York State building code requirements and ASTM International standard C90.

"Concrete masonry units are pre-qualified for inclusion in the program via laboratory testing at the National Concrete Masonry Association headquarters in Herndon, Va.," Carparelli continued. "The program consists of regularly scheduled testing every two years in accordance with accepted industry standards. In addition, quarterly tests are performed with randomly selected members to verify consistency of unit strength."

Builders will find a number of advantages in using concrete masonry manufactured under the F'm2000 program. Carparelli noted that concrete masonry units under the F'm2000 program are numerous, tested, pre-certified, in stock and readily available throughout New York from a participating NYSCMA member. "And for design professionals," Carparelli added, "they will find concrete masonry in this program will provide more efficient design, improved economy of construction, and a level of strength they can count on regardless of the location of their project. These objectives are easily achievable by specifying F'm2000-certified block. Builders and specifiers can ensure they are building with F'm2000-certified concrete masonry by looking for the F'm2000 service mark, or contacting NYSCMA for a list of producers who are manufacturing block according to these tough standards."

For more information, contact Carparelli at, or visit the organization's website at

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