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June 9, 2008 6:00 AM CDT

The Innovative Grademan Masons Grade Pole

The Grademan accurately marks elevation with only one crewmember


The stake brake allows the Grademan to be moved vertically and locked on a grade elevation.
The stake brake allows the Grademan to be moved vertically and locked on a grade elevation.
Tom Black Masonry's innovative Grademan tool builds upon the best assets of the tape and transit system and the laser system, making a grading system that's perfect for masons. Black told us that the Grademan is so innovative, that he's having a hard time getting people to understand how much it can assist them in their masonry work.

"For the masons who use a laser level, they can best appreciate how the Grademan can make life a lot easier when it comes to setting the grade for a wall," explains Black. "The Grademan is 66 inches tall, has a built-in story pole, is placed over the grade stake, and supported with the marking ring and the stake brake. The stake brake allows the Grademan to be moved vertically and locked on a grade elevation - typically that would be the height of the first row of blocks being set in wet concrete for a masonry wall foundation. If the wall is long, more stakes are required to attach the masons' line and keep the wall straight and level. The Grademan can be taken from stake to stake very quickly for the placement of elevation marks for the string line to be attached."

The Grademan will not only help you accurately mark off your elevation, but you can do it with only one crewmember, rather than with two like other systems.

"If you can imagine holding a piece of wood six feet long with a laser receiver on the top on a windy day, it's almost impossible to hold it steady and get a good accurate step," says Black. "The Grademan holds itself and, once you lock it on the grade, it won't go anywhere until you move it."

He finishes by explaining why his product, and as well as other innovations, are so important to the masonry industry.

"In my humble opinion, I believe masons have the most general knowledge of construction than any other trade, reason being we deal with structures from the ground up," says Black. "Our work must be level and plumb in order for a project to be successful."

About the Author

Tom Black is the owner of Tom Black Masonry and the creator the Grademan Masons Grade Pole from Outdoor Experts.


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