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August 27, 2008 7:43 AM CDT

Nancy Pelosi Supports Vote on Comprehensive Energy Plan...With a Tax Increase


After leaving for a months vacation, completing a dismal book tour, turning the lights and camera’s off on the House floor at the end of July, and hearing the Republican’s marathon speeches during the August recess, Speaker Pelosi has recently agreed to a vote on a comprehensive energy plan which includes “alternative energy sources and curtailing tax breaks for oil companies.”

Some may suggest that Speaker Pelosi has heard the voice of the American people and at least two Democrat Chairmen, Collin Peterson (D-MN) and Bart Gordon (D-TN), on the issue of offshore drilling and a bipartisan energy bill. Actually, her decision may have been more about herself than anyone else. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Pelosi and her husband have invested in T. Boone Pickens’ Clean Energy Fuels Corporation. Believe me, if Pelosi was a Republican doing this every liberal group in American would be screaming “conflict of interest”. Interestingly, we haven’t heard anything other than this article by The Wall Street Journal.

Furthermore, don’t be misled by her statement that she has endorsed “the idea” of a compromise bill that includes drilling as one that is supported by the American people. If Pelosi and the Democrat leadership force their Blue Dog members to vote on a bill which includes a HUGE tax increase it will be the demise for many members of her caucus in swing districts. Don’t be fooled by Pelosi’s carefully crafted language supporting a vote on a comprehensive energy bill.

This is just another Pelosi tax increase bill that will hurt the American people and reduce her Democrat majority if she forces a vote. My prediction is that Speaker Pelosi will mandate that any vote that comes to the house floor on a comprehensive energy plan include a huge tax increase and onerous restrictions and taxes on domestic production and the measure will fail because of the votes of members in her own caucus.

Stay tuned to see how this unfolds when the Democrat-led Congress returns from their month-long vacation in September.

About the Author

Eric Dell has served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Joe Wilson and as Chief of Staff to the South Carolina State Senate Transportation Committee under the helm of then Chairman and State Senator Joe Wilson. Dell was also Vice President at The Keelen Group, LLC.


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