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October 31, 2009 9:00 AM CDT

New Masonry Products for October 2009


Line of Powered Wheelbarrows

Curb King
Brigham City, Utah

Line of Powered Wheelbarrows
Curb King’s line of powered wheelbarrows is designed to assist anyone who has to move a heavy load. A powered wheelbarrow removes much of the work of pushing a wheelbarrow. Simply stand and operate a throttle; the wheelbarrow does the work. It allows you to climb over terrain that you could not attempt with a standard wheelbarrow. The curb king wheelbarrows comes in three configurations: a standard nonpowered configuration, a gas-powered, and an electric model.

Universal Line Holder

Universal Line Holder
Miami, Fla.

Universal Line Holder
The Universal Line Holder come packaged in pairs and will instantly fit four-, six-, eight-, 10-, and 12-inch blocks, as well as various types of bricks. No more loose lines, no adjusting cumbersome sliding guides, and no wing nuts to tighten. A tighter line makes a truer wall, no matter what type of block or brick you’re laying. The Universal Line Holder has a compact design and is built to last, made from a single piece of extruded aluminum.

Estimating Touch Screen Monitor

Maxwell Systems
King of Prussia, Pa.

Estimating Touch Screen Monitor
Maxwell Systems, Inc.’s Estimating Touch Screen Monitor allows contractors to use a monitor as an interactive tool. Contractors can use the electronic pen to directly touch the screen to work with more speed, efficiency and precision. Electromagnetic technology guarantees high accuracy and a fast method for takeoff and estimating. Users are able to navigate quickly through Windows, Maxwell Systems solutions, and the Internet.

Lunar Foam Gloves

West Chester Holdings
Monroe, Ohio

Lunar Foam Gloves
These Lunar Foam Nitrile palm-dip gloves from West Chester Holdings are ideal for all types of commercial and industrial applications. A white or salt-and-pepper nylon shell is dipped over the palm and fingertips with full-saddle coverage. This gives the gloves extra grip on wet or oily materials, and better surface adhesion on dry applications. Sizes from XS to XXL ensure a proper fit and optimal dexterity. Antibacterial surfactants prevent odors and bacteria from forming. The gloves are well suited for wet, oily and dry applications.

Diamond Lanyard with SRL Connector

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Diamond Lanyard with SRL Connector
An SRL connector on MSA’s Diamond Lanyard allows users to transfer to/from the lanyard and SRL without having to disconnect from the back D-ring, maintaining 100 percent tie-off. It also enables an easier reach when connecting and disconnecting. Since the lanyard is always connected to the user, its chances of being misplaced or out of reach when needed are reduced. This lightweight unit is available in both single- and twin-leg configurations.

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