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January 9, 2010 9:00 AM CST

New Masonry Products for January 2010


StarLite MAG, Scorpion MAG Bifocal Safety Eyewear

Gateway Safety
Cleveland, Ohio

StarLite MAG, Scorpion MAG Bifocal Safety Eyewear
To meet the eye protection needs of companies employing workers older than age 65, Gateway Safety offers two styles of bifocal eye protection, StarLite MAG and Scorpion MAG, which come in four diopter strengths: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5. Bifocals are necessary for those with presbyopia, a visual condition related to aging that causes lowered ability to focus sharply for near vision. Bifocal eyewear allows workers to clearly read instrumentation, work with small parts, or perform other close tasks without having to switch between their regular safety glasses and reading glasses, a dangerous practice that can result in errors and injuries.

Code-listed, Stacked Shearwall Solution

Simpson Strong-Tie
Pleasanton, Calif.

Code-listed, Stacked Shearwall Solution
Simpson Strong-Tie’s Steel Strong-Wall shearwall 2006 IBC code has been listed for use in two-story construction applications. Prefabricated shearwalls are made from steel and provide the strength and load capacity needed for designs while offering narrow widths to accommodate larger openings. The walls are code-listed to the 2006 IRC/IBC (see ICC-ES ESR-1679) and conform to ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria (AC322). ICC-ES ESR-1679 provides allowable base-moment information and a design example to help designers with stacked-wall solutions that account for cumulative overturning.

Snow and Ice Melting Mats

Rosemont, Ill.

Snow and Ice Melting Mats
EasyHeat is helping prevent some of the most common causes of slip-and-fall accidents: snow, freezing rain and ice. The company’s Sno*Melter electrical heating mats allow people to walk safely during the winter by automatically eliminating snow and ice, as well as the hassle and expense of shoveling, salting and plowing. The Sno*Melter system uses low-temperature heating cables formed into flexible mats that install quickly and economically. Sno*Melter mats are placed below the surface of asphalt, pavers or concrete, and connected to standard voltages up to 480 VAC. A sensor connected to the system measures outside temperature to assure the mats are only energized during freezing conditions.


Solon, Ohio

The LENTON LOCK S-Series, part of the LENTON LOCK Mechanical Rebar Splicing System from ERICO, provides many of the same great benefits as the B-Series, except in a smaller package. The bolted splice is smaller than the competition and has fewer bolts, which helps reduce installation time and save money on the job site. With a performance that exceeds 125 percent of specified yield on ASTM A615 Grade 60 rebar, this mechanical rebar splice is designed for use in column splicing, bridge applications, piling, splicing to protruding dowels cast in concrete, closure pours, beams, chimney construction and other demanding splicing applications.

Thermatek Kit for 100% Tie-Off During Welding Applications

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Thermatek Kit for 100% Tie-Off During Welding Applications
The Thermatek Kit, a full-body harness kit for high-heat or welding applications, offers the following features and benefits: Kevlar/Nomexblend webbing that is resistant to chemicals, weld splatter and other high-heat exposures; Kevlar stitching in contrasting colors that enables easier product inspection; and a shock absorber that features Tuffweld protective cover to increase lanyard longevity and incorporates Kevlar back-up strap for additional protection.

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

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