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February 5, 2010 7:00 AM CST

New Masonry Products for February 2010


PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain Technology

Blount International
Portland, Ore.

PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain Technology
Blount International’s PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain is a new cutting product that significantly changes a contractor’s approach to pipe cutting. From ductile iron to plastic pipe, PowerGrit technology requires less access to cut pipe in the ground. Contractors are able to cut from one position with less excavation and effort than required by prior methods, eliminating the need to excavate all the way around a ductile iron water pipe and crawl underneath to complete a cut. PowerGrit Utility Saw Chain is a patentpending combination of chain design features, coupled with a brazed layer diamond coating.

Mortarless Brick Technology

Novabrik International Inc.
Newark, Del.

Mortarless Brick Technology
Now commercial contractors and architects have a more cost-effective, long-lasting alternative to brick for building exteriors. Novabrik is a mortarless brick technology that saves money on installation and never needs painting, prevents mold and won’t warp, dent or fade. Novabrik’s high-strength concrete bricks overlap and interlock to create a strong, water-resistant brick veneer. Novabrik can be installed on wood and steel studs and concrete structures. Because the bricks hang on the wall, no brick ledge or steel support is necessary. The installation cost of Novabrik is often 20 percent to 25 percent less than conventional masonry brick.

Permalastic Thin Set Mortar Systems

Bonsal American
Charlotte, N.C.

Permalastic Thin Set Mortar Systems
ProSpec, Bonsal American’s brand of professionally specified products, has introduced Permalastic thin set mortar systems in regular and rapid set versions. These two-component systems meet ISO 13007 standards for improved flexibility (S2) and plywood adhesion (P2). With superior flexibility and flexural strength, Permalastic systems are designed to accommodate the movement of suspended slabs. Permalastic systems also bridge 3/16-inch cracks and are suitable for interior or exterior installation of most types of ceramic tile or stone. Both products feature an Extra Heavy Duty rating, ideal for use in heavy traffic areas.

Low-Profile, Truck-Mounted Forklift

Sellick Equipment Limited
Ontario, Canada

Low-Profile, Truck-Mounted Forklift
Sellick Equipment Limited has expanded the product range of its low-profile, rough terrain vehicles to include the all new STM55LP trailer-mounted forklift. This low-profile, three-wheel drive loader shares many of the quality design features of the Sellick four-wheel machines, including excellent visibility and a roomy operator’s platform. Easy to operate, the STM55LP is quick and nimble to help increase loading times. Built in the Sellick tradition of quality and reliability, the STM55LP features three-wheel drive and is easily transported to any work site.

High-Efficiency Cyclones for Dust Collection

Imperial Systems Inc.
Jackson Center, Pa.

High-Efficiency Cyclones for Dust Collection
Imperial Systems Inc.’s Cyclone Dust Collectors are an economical method for controlling dust particles for a variety of applications. A range of three basic models allows for the selection of the rightsized cyclone for each application. Standard features include coned tops for rain run-off, fabricated from carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and AR plate, stitch welded interiors, and a 12-inch inspection door above material discharge. All of Imperial Systems’ products can be fabricated to meet specific needs.

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

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