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February 13, 2010 3:00 PM CST

AMCA Annual Dinner Meeting Highlights


Dave Endres, Superlite Block, 2009 AMCA Leader of the Year award recipient
Dave Endres, Superlite Block, 2009 AMCA Leader of the Year award recipient

The AMCA Annual Dinner Meeting, held on January 23, 2010 at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, brought together a lively crowd of over 135 masonry industry professionals.

The evening included cocktails, dinner, industry updates, awards, games, dancing, and a generous raffle, thanks to our sponsors.

Dave Endres with Superlite Block was the well deserving recipient of the AMCA Leader of the Year Award for 2009. Recognized for his contributions, not only in the masonry industry, but as a committed family man and dedicated employee, Dave was both humbled and honored to receive this prestigious award.

Jim Cox with Cox Masonry was the first recipient of the AMCA Master Mason Award. This new award is given to AMCA members who demonstrate exemplary performance in the areas of quality, leadership, problem solving, time management, and safety.

Moroni Mejia, AMCA Lead Instructor, was proud to present Jay Frederickson of Superlite Block with a Special Recognition Award. Superlite Block recently donated a new mixer to the apprentices after Jay was informed that the previous mixer was being held together with "Spec Mix and bailing wire." The award was a framed photo of the apprentices standing around the mixer. This was a much needed piece of equipment that will receive a lot of use.

The business portion of the meeting included all AMCA officers and directors being called to the stage to take their oath of office for 2010 and 2011.

Nick Gonzales served as President for the AMCA in 2008 and 2009. Mike Meskimen called him to the stage to accept an Appreciation of Service award for his dedication and service over the past two years.

During the business portion of the meeting, Mike Meskimen gave a 2009 year in review. “Despite the challenging economic times we have all had to face, the AMCA has been able to accomplish many things.” Mike gave specific examples in the areas of Apprenticeship, Certification, Masonry Ordinances, the Safety Program and Networking and Fundraising events.

After Mike’s presentation, he called Lori Maximenko, Executive Director, to the podium who presented the 2010 Strategic Plan. Specific goals highlighted include:
  • More cooperation with the Arizona Masonry Guild
    Implementation of Vision 2020

  • Organizing the newly formed Arizona Masonry Contractors Apprentice and Educational Foundation

  • Facilitation of four newly formed task groups in conjunction with AMG, that include Workforce Development, Masonry Education, Masonry Ordinances and Product and Industry Positioning.
Clem Hellman with Quality Block was not only the Master of Ceremonies, but was also honored for his 70th birthday during the event. A cake was presented to Clem and everyone helped him celebrate in the traditional birthday style. Clem and his wife, Mary Jo, were the first to be invited to the dance floor, as the evening's festivities kicked off.

The evening continued in its Hawaiian Luau fashion as guests cut loose and played games including The Collecting Flowers Game and Hot Coconut. Some guests demonstrated their tremendous flexibility as they danced to The Limbo.

Thanks to our sponsors who so generously donated to make this event possible. We appreciate all that you do for this association and our programs.

About the Author

The Arizona Masonry Contractors Association was founded in the 1950s to service and protect the interests of Masonry Contractors throughout Arizona. Since that time it has developed a nationally recognized and US Department of Labor approved Apprenticeship Program, an Industry recognized Certification Program and an effective and rewarding Safety Program. For more information, visit


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