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June 11, 2010 7:57 AM CDT

KOR-IT Helps Rebuild Chile


KOR-IT is heading to Santiago Chile to participate in the Expo to Rebuild Chile. As you may remember, Chile suffered a massive 9.0 earthquake with numerous aftershocks rivaling even the largest of quakes in USA.

The Chilean infrastructure was devastated, hundreds of people perished, and the Government of Chile has put the call out to the World to send experts who can assist with the rebuilding effort.

KOR-IT was recently announced as a guest speaker on Wednesday June 18th, 2010 and will be discussing how a core drill is used for destructive testing of concrete on highways, roads and bridges. KOR-IT executives will also be discussing their 50+ years of engineering experience, which has lead to the industry's best performing core drill bits and mounted core drill machines.

In the later half of the presentation, KOR-IT will discuss how new diamond chain saw and core drill technology has led to the Promethean Search and Rescue Line. This line of heavy-duty concrete cutting tools can be used to save lives in the event of another disaster like Chile's recent 9.0 earthquake. This gear can cut through concrete in seconds to locate survivors buried under fallen concrete and create a safe escape path, with which to rescue them.

Please visit our website,, for more information on this incredible event.

About the Author

Established in 1958, KOR-IT® is a leading manufacturer of diamond tools, including core drill machines, core drill bits, Search and Rescue equipment and related accessories. Visit for more information.


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