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June 26, 2010 9:00 AM CDT

PROSOCO, BEI Announce Partnership


A worker completes the liquid-applied flashing of a rough opening, without having to use fabrics, tapes or wraps. Photo courtesy BEI.
A worker completes the liquid-applied flashing of a rough opening, without having to use fabrics, tapes or wraps. Photo courtesy BEI.

Manufacturers of building envelope weather- and waterproofing systems, PROSOCO and BEI, have formed a partnership to produce, market and distribute air- and water-resistive barrier component systems using an advanced sealant technology.

PROSOCO, Lawrence, Kan., manufactures products that clean, protect and maintain concrete, brick and stone architecture. PROSOCO products have been used on thousands of landmark buildings nationwide, both new and historic, from the U.S. Capitol to Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

BEI (Building Envelope Innovations, LLC), Clackamas, Ore., is a science-based construction-material manufacturing company that matches emerging technology with existing needs in the construction industry. The company is known for its rigorous test protocols for building envelopes in real-world conditions, and products and procedures designed to withstand Category 5 hurricanes.

BEI brings to the partnership its advanced silyl terminated polyether liquid-applied "Wet Flash®" system to stop costly, damaging air and water leakage through structural walls and CMU back up. The company designed these products specifically for its repair efforts in the extreme conditions of the Pacific Northwest and Gulf Coast after finding that traditional materials such as building wraps and self-adhered membranes often failed.

PROSOCO brings distribution and marketing, including free on-site contractor training to the table. PROSOCO's own line of nationally distributed R-GUARD air- and water-resistive barrier products gives the company insight into what the market needs.

"The BEI products are developed from the professional contractor's perspective," said PROSOCO President David W. Boyer. "They are made for installation under real-world conditions."

Damp substrates are one of those real-world conditions, he said. Usually that's a construction delay while the surface dries - but not for BEI's products. They stick to nearly any construction material, provide instant waterproofing, dry tack-free in under 30 minutes, and withstand exposure to weather indefinitely in case of construction delays.

BEI's Wet Flash® PM-7000 Waterproof Membrane is a perfect example, Boyer said. PROSOCO markets the gun-grade product as PROSOCO R-GUARD® Fast Flash. It's for air- and water-tight installation of windows, doors and other through-wall penetrations.

As part of the continuous, seamless, durable R-GUARD air- and water-resistive barrier system, simple "gun and spread" Fast Flash lets installers seal rough openings without time-consuming tapes, fabrics and staples required by older systems. Fast Flash applies with ordinary caulking tools and can be rolled, brushed or spread to the recommended thickness.

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