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August 25, 2010 7:00 AM CDT

Safety Tips for the Mast Climbing Work Platform


The Mast Climbing Work Platform is a tool of the trade primarily used to position personnel, along with their necessary tools and materials, to perform their work. The major causes of injury/fatality include lack of training*, improper use, falls, inadequate guardrail protection, collapses, improper planking and inadequate inspection.

  • MCWP’s should be operated, used, erected and dismantled only by personnel who have been properly authorized, trained and familiarized with the specific model/machine.

  • Equipment should not be accessed or operated unless supervised by a Competent Person at point of use.

  • A pre-start inspection must be completed, by a Competent Person, at the beginning of each shift prior to use.

  • Do not exceed the maximum load limitations (main deck and extensions) for the configuration of the MCWP, including both personnel and material.

  • Make sure all inspections and maintenance are performed as required and according to manufacturer’s instructions. Report problems or malfunctions to the Competent Person.

  • When dismantling, do not remove the ties unless the base and remaining ties can support the MCWP configuration without tipping.

  • Make sure extensions are fully planked with scaffold grade plank or equivalent and properly secured.

  • When moving operating the MCWP, always look in the direction of travel.

  • Always install guardrails and mast guards. Ensure access gates and other access locations are protected with guardrails.

  • Do not operate a MCWP under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances.

  • Use all required personal fall protection equipment during erection, dismantling or when a fall hazard exists. Maximum distance from front unguarded edge to face of structure is 14” except for plastering/lathing which is 18”.

  • Only use normal operating controls for the MCWP. Do not bypass or override the normal operating controls or safety devices.

  • Check for hazards such as overhead obstructions, building protrusions, high voltage lines, inadequate base support, drop offs, debris and other unsafe conditions.

  • Do not alter ties, platform or base without the written authorization of the manufacturer and Competent Person.

  • Verify ground compaction or base conditions.

  • Be aware of weather conditions and how they can affect the use of the MCWP.
* For guidance on training contact the manufacturer.

For additional guidance on training, refer to ANSI A92.9, OSHA Regulations, or the IPAF/SIA US Mast Climbing Work Platform Safe Use Guidelines. Courtesy of OSHA Alliance Program and Scaffold Industry Association.

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

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