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September 6, 2010 3:00 PM CDT

Arizona Masonry Industry STAKEHOLDERS' Meeting


The Masonry Industry is experiencing a crisis. Arizona Masonry Contractors are closing their doors every day. They are established, respected contractors with years of dedicated experience in the masonry business. They are honest, hard-working employers, supporters of the industry. They are our friends and co-workers.

We all know that much of the masonry work is being stolen from us by the promoters of competitive systems: ICF, Glass, Tilt-up Concrete, Metal Studs and EIFS Systems. The lobbyists for these systems are convincing owners, architects and city hall itself that their products are greener, more efficient, longer lasting and - most outrageous - more beautiful than masonry. We know these claims are lies but the lobbyists have been particularly successful in Arizona because, until now, we have lacked a fighting machine to counteract their efforts.

Right now we are forming a united front and we need you to join the fight. Other states have done it and they are having remarkable successes in promoting and increasing the use of masonry. Masonry contractors are banding together and confronting the opposition with hard facts and common sense. They are reclaiming their fair share of the market - a market they once controlled.

In Texas: Several groups of contractors confronted their respective city councils and persuaded them to change the existing specifications so that 65% of the exterior walls of every new commercial building must be masonry. They are currently forming new groups and working their way across the great state of Texas, in every city and town, demanding the 65% and creating work for the masonry industry. GO TEXAS!


In Florida: On discovering that their market share of exterior masonry had shrunk to 51%, Florida contractors joined together statewide and went to work as a group, promoting masonry as a green, beautiful, long lasting, strong product. Within three months, they had increased their market share to 56%. SCORE A VICTORY FOR THE BEAUTIFUL STATE OF FLORIDA!


In Illinois: 75% of the exterior walls of commercial buildings are masonry, thanks to groups of commercial masonry contractors who came together and educated owners, architects and engineers about the efficiency and beauty of masonry. THESE GUYS WON'T TAKE "NO" FOR AN ANSWER - THE FIGHTING ILLINI!


We can do all of these things and more in the great state of Arizona if we will come together as a team and fight for our industry. It doesn't take money - it just needs your presence and your voice. It needs every commercial masonry contractor in Arizona to stand together as STAKEHOLDERS who will reclaim our rightful place as builders of the most beautiful, most efficient, and longest-lasting buildings on earth. Then- and only then- can we say, "We've done our best."

Please join us at the STAKEHOLDERS meeting, September 21st. We have some ideas - we need yours too. We know you are busier than ever, trying to weather this economic storm, but it will only work if we all work together. For the sake of our industry, please make the STAKEHOLDERS meeting a priority - we really need you.

RSVP by calling the AMCA office at 602.262.0510 or online at

About the Author

Lori Maximenko is the Executive Director for the Arizona Masonry Contractors Association.


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