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October 17, 2010 11:00 AM CDT

KOR-IT Saves The Project

Drilling technology for a nuclear environment


KOR-IT's K-201-HRA is the most heavy-duty hydraulic-powered core drill machine in the industry.

KOR-IT's K-201-HRA is the most heavy-duty hydraulic-powered core drill machine in the industry.
What would you do if you had an impossible project? You'd call on a company known for innovative solutions! For their impossible project, Baker Concrete Construction called on KOR-IT to manage their challenge.


Since acquiring the management and operating contract for SRS, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC has created and retained about 3,000 jobs using part of the $1.615 billion in funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for accelerated cleanup work at the site. Baker Concrete Construction, a sub-contractor of SRS was engaged for the unimaginably difficult task of decommissioning the Savannah River Nuclear Site's R and P reactors, which have been out of service for decades.

The method Baker Concrete Construction is using is to fill sections between -40 and 00 (ground level) with an estimated 97,000 yards of concrete per reactor. In order to fill all sections with concrete, Baker had to drill numerous 3" and 6" diameter cores to fit the hose in, coming from the slick line off the pump. Once the holes were in place Baker laid over 3000 linear feet of 5" slick line pipe, with T's, 90's and diversion values to accommodate an even fill rate. These pipes were sitting on 3' courses and thrust blocks to hold it all down as concrete pushed through. To monitor the fill rate, Baker used sophisticated camera systems through the 3" cores they drilled. Sounds easy enough, right? Of course not!

The Challenge

Since this is a nuclear reactor, Baker was drilling through 10,000 PSI concrete floors with ranging thickness of 4'-to-7'6", as well as, numerous sizes of steel rebar, piping, conduit, double and triple mat of #11 rebar, steel plates, and even I beams. From the onset Baker's Project Managers realized they would never be able to finish the task of drilling through this unforgiving environment, so they called upon the expertise of KOR-IT, a leading manufacturer of concrete core drilling technology.

The Solution

KOR-IT recommended a heavy-duty solution to Baker's heavy-duty challenge, KOR-IT's K-201-HRA, the hydraulic-powered core drill, with hydraulic-powered auto-feed system. "This concrete eater is drilling as fast as 4" per minute out here" said Randy Steele, a 34-year Baker employee, "We couldn't have done this job without this equipment."

Using KOR-IT's technology, Baker was able to maintain a small crew and stay under budget while drilling nearly 1000 holes. No matter what reactor R and P threw in the way of KOR-IT's core drills, they got the job done, and in record time. In the 11 weeks Baker has been drilling they've drilled over 85 holes, 6" diameter, some as much as 7'6" deep. The K-201-HRA is drilling 4" per minute, through #11 rebar. Baker also used KOR-IT's electric K-102 unit for wall cores (horizontals) as well as the access holes for the cameras in the floor. To keep the bits working at maximum cutting capability, Baker used KOR-IT's Bit Dresser.

KOR-IT's K-201-HRA is the most heavy-duty hydraulic-powered core drill machine in the industry. This beast comes with a precision machined adjusting roller carriage, minimum 20HP hydraulic motor, and a gear-driven autofeed system to limit operator fatigue and maximize drilling efficiencies.

About the Author

Established in 1958, KOR-IT® is a leading manufacturer of diamond tools, including core drill machines, core drill bits, Search and Rescue equipment and related accessories. Visit for more information.


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