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February 26, 2011 9:00 AM CST

Hottmann Named 2010 AMCA Leader of the Year


AMCA Treasurer Dave Endres (left) presents Glenn Hottmann (right) with the AMCA Leader of the Year Award.

AMCA Treasurer Dave Endres (left) presents Glenn Hottmann (right) with the AMCA Leader of the Year Award.
Glenn Hottmann, owner of G&G Enterprises, was the 2010 Leader of the Year Award recipient. Recognized, not only for his contributions to the masonry industry and the apprenticeship program, but as a dedicated family man and charitable business owner.

The AMCA Leader of the Year is the highest recognition given by the Arizona Masonry Contractors Association to masonry industry owners, employees, and/or other respected members of the masonry industry. The recipient is a man or a woman who contributes their time and expertise to industry associations, plays an active role in civic and community affairs, and assists fellow industry members. In short, he or she exemplifies the very best by continually bringing credit to the industry.

Glenn Hottmann was born on October 8, 1945, in Maui, Hawaii. His mother is a native Hawaiian and met his father while he was stationed in Hawaii for the Army. Glenn has three siblings, one older sister and two younger brothers.

His father was from Wisconsin, so once his father was no longer stationed in Hawaii, they decided to move back. On the day his family packed up and moved, a big tidal wave hit Maui and totally destroyed the beach house they had lived in with his grandmother.

Upon returning to Wisconsin, his father returned to work in the family masonry business and Glenn spent his grade school years as a Midwesterner, frolicking around the farm.

When Glenn was in 6th grade his parents divorced and his mother decided to move the children back to Maui. The children lived with their grandmother until his mother had enough money to return to Hawaii. The children went from living very comfortably to struggling and living a hard life.

Glenn left home when he was 16 and never went back. He became a boarding student at the high school on the other side of the island. It was there that his work ethic began and survival skills kicked in. At that time, the school had its own dairy cows and chickens that they used to supply the school with food and drinks. Glenn paid for his room and board by running the dairy and milking the cows before and after school. On the weekends, he would go to another island with his buddies and pick pineapples. He also worked as a caddy at the golf course and picking up golf balls. He would send money back to his mother and buy hot lunch for his sister.

After graduating from high school, Glenn moved to Arizona. He picked cotton in the fields and became a machinist at the corrugated box company in Glendale. He was very proud of how he learned to master the machines.

He then joined the Army. Glenn enjoyed his time in the service as he became trained on Heavy Vehicle Equipment. He had a passion for running and working on the bulldozers, cranes, and many other large pieces of machinery. He was able to use just about any of the big equipment the army had because they knew he would take good care of it. By the time he finished serving in the Army, he had earned the nickname of the “Hawaiian Warrior.”

After serving in the army, he returned to Arizona where he became on owner/operator. He hauled semi loads of just about anything all across the United States. His new nickname and handle on the road was “Pineapple.” He still has that love for big equipment and long road hauls today. When he wants to relax, he hauls a load of block in his semi truck.

After several years on the road and now with 2 small boys at home, Sonny and Greg, it was time to settle back into Phoenix. His father had moved to Arizona at that point and he went to work for his masonry company learning both the field and business aspects until the two had a falling out. However, it was during that time that he met and developed long time relationships with a lot of the suppliers we still use in our business today.

In the late 70’s he went into business for himself. At that time, residential was doing very well and things were good. That is until the early 80’s when things took a turn. He spent the next 10 years starting over again slowly but surely. He had learned much from earlier mistakes and decided to start G&G Enterprises, which has been around for almost 20 years now!

Glenn currently serves as past President of the AMCA, and is on the Executive Committee of the AMCA Board of Directors. He also serves as Safety Committee Chairman and successfully chaired the AMCA Apprenticeship Graduation dinner for several years. Glenn is passionate about the masonry industry and the people involved in it. He consistently supports Workforce Development by sponsoring apprentices and he never stops short of demonstrating his passion by donating his time, money and resources toward the associations that work to keep masonry construction and a quality workforce alive and thriving.

Besides the many ways he serves at the state level, Glenn also serves as the Arizona representative for the Mason Contractors Association of America. He is currently the regional vice president and is well respected among his state and national peers.

Outside of the masonry industry, Glenn has given his time and money to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Scottsdale and East Mesa. He has also donated time and materials working on several catholic churches around the valley.

Glenn is the kind of guy that gives anyone a second chance. He doesn’t care what you did in the past, as long as you do what you are supposed to do in the future. He is an extremely hard worker. Glenn has been a mechanic, laborer, mason, driver, estimator and businessman.

His relatives have never seen anyone work as hard or be more committed to his trade. Glenn’s employees, children, nieces and nephews have great respect for him. He makes all of us try to be the best we can be and push ourselves to new challenges.

Over the last 10 years, Glenn has learned to play as hard as he works. His two younger children, Melonie and Grant, have worked diligently to soften their father and get him to enjoy life more.

He loves the water and boating. He has been known to take blueprints with him on overnight boat rides across Lake Powell. I am not sure about him, but I know the plans felt better after their weekend on the lake.

However, with all this extra play time Melonie learned quickly that also means you automatically are supposed to know how to backup boat trailers, travel trailers, and quad trailers. Saying you cannot do it isn’t an option--even if you are just learning to drive. I guess that is one way to learn.

Glenn also enjoys hunting and fishing with his son, Grant. They have had several fun experiences hunting for turkey, boar and elk.

Whether he is canoeing, boating, or fishing, he is never far from his phone.

But it is no phone and no worries when it comes time for catching his last wave.

Glenn was both humbled and honored to receive this well deserved award.

About the Author

Lori Maximenko is the Executive Director for the Arizona Masonry Contractors Association.


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