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March 27, 2011 8:30 AM CDT

SAKRETE® Launches PDA/Mobile Phone-Friendly Website

Mobile website to be big hit with builders and contractors


The SAKRETE® mobile site will make things more convenient for the end-user.

The SAKRETE® mobile site will make things more convenient for the end-user.
In 1936, Art and Mary Avril revolutionized the construction industry with the invention of a convenient, high-quality bagged concrete mix. Seventy-five years later, the company they founded, SAKRETE®, continues to transform the construction industry – this time by going digital.

The company recently launched a mobile-device-compatible website, at, which is sure to be a big hit with builders, contractors and homeowners alike.

“The digital world is moving at the speed of light and like everyone else, we’re working to keep up,” says Johnsie Beck, president – SAKRETE® of North America. “Through this mobile website, we’re trying to harness valuable opportunities like this to put technology in the hands of our consumers to help them when and where they need it.”

The mobile website differs from the regular SAKRETE® website in many ways – predominantly paring down information and putting it onto a more accessible platform for users to access from their Blackberries, iPhones, Droid-enabled phones and PDAs. One big difference is the elimination of Flash-enabled graphics, which can’t be viewed on some mobile phones and will in many cases block user access.

One of the keys to success of the SAKRETE® product is its convenience for use in all projects, both small and large. SAKRETE® didn’t forget that in designing the mobile-friendly website – it features a quick calculator so the consumer can quickly and easily figure out exactly how many bags they need for their project while they are in the store aisle, rather than estimating/guessing on what they need and find out later they have to return to the store. These quantity calculators are one of the largest draws on the conventional site every day.

Quick-response (QR) codes also link directly to the mobile site, providing users with instant access to information that could save them money and time. Technical data is also easy to access on the mobile site – putting more in-depth information about SAKRETE’s® concrete and concrete-related products at users’ fingertips. In addition, product descriptions are displayed on the mobile website in a more linear fashion, minimizing the need to enlarge a screen and reducing the chances of accidental clicking.

In true SAKRETE® innovation, the mobile site was conceived out of a desire to make things more convenient for the end-user, Beck explains.

“Since our company was founded, our goal has always been to think like repair and remodeling contractors, builders and do-it-yourselfers – that’s how you understand the variety of products that will really enhance their projects and make an impact on their bottom line,” Beck says. “This mobile website is just another way we’ve done that.”

About the Author

Eric Peterson is the Director of Marketing for Bonsal American.


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