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May 15, 2011 2:45 PM CDT

What is the Arizona Masonry Promotion Plan?

Stopping the erosion of masonry market share in Arizona


The AMCA and AMG launched the Masonry Promotion Plan last January.

The AMCA and AMG launched the Masonry Promotion Plan last January.
Last January, the Arizona Masonry Contractors Association (AMCA) and Arizona Masonry Guild (AMG) launched the Arizona Masonry Promotion Plan (MPP) or "Play Book" with the primary purpose of stopping the erosion of masonry market share in Arizona. We are accomplishing this by being proactive and creating environments and opportunities to tell our story when and where it counts: at the pre-planning stages of construction.

We have organized ProMasonry teams as well as funding mechanisms to support these team efforts. Included in this update are articles that address our specific initiatives in more detail.

How is the MPP Funded?

There are two different funding mechanisms.

1. Earlier this year, the AMG concrete supplier and block manufacturer members voted to double their current dues in order to fund the Promotion Plan efforts.

2. Beginning in January 2011, the AMCA launched the Arizona Masonry Promotion Fund, which is contractor driven. Mason Contractors who agree to participate pay $1.00 per pallet for each pallet purchased from participating manufacturers and suppliers. These are paid directly to the AMCA and are tracked under a specific classification.

Who is Participating in the Funding?

Dozens of contractors and suppliers have agreed to participate and we wish to recognize and thank them for their dedication to our promotion plan efforts. Their dedication and active participation is enabling AMCA and AMG to bring this Promotion Plan to life!

For more information regarding the MPP, click here to view a brief, online PowerPoint presentation or go to the AMCA website at

For questions on how to get involved, please contact Lori Maximenko at the AMCA, 602-262-0510 or Lisa Prichard at the AMG, 602-265-5999.

About the Author

Lori Maximenko is the Executive Director for the Arizona Masonry Contractors Association.


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