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June 16, 2011 2:20 PM CDT

A Product is Born

Non-Stop Scaffolding, Inc.


Non-Stop WORKHORSE Scaffolding for 14-foot-high walls.

Non-Stop WORKHORSE Scaffolding for 14-foot-high walls.
Back in 1970, Justin Breithaupt Jr., co-owner of Non-Stop Scaffolding Inc., found firsthand that a small increase in production causes a big jump in profit. He explains how his scaffold product came to be.

“I was interested in the idea of working waist-high, because I figured it would help me get more work done. There was a local Morgen dealer here, so I rented some. I did a job with it, and sure enough, we finished about 20 percent faster. When I ran the numbers, I was blown away. I more than doubled my profit. I knew right then I would never do another job without elevating scaffolding, but the scaffolding I rented had too many shortcomings, so I designed my own.

“I was so excited when I discovered the extra money I could make, I tried every idea I came across that would help my bricklayers work faster. I even made my own corner poles. My jobs were paying off like never before. I was doubling and tripling my estimated profit.

“I designed our scaffolding to work in individual towers, instead of having to be braced together continuously, like Morgen and all the other scaffolding available back then. Now you have seven-foot-wide modules you can place exactly where you need them to scaffold really cut-up work. You can turn them sideways to set up deep insets. It sets up just as fast on cut-up work as on straight walls. I also designed it to start on the ground, so you donʼt have to run any more walls scaffold-high and move your men.”

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

About the Author

Justin Breithaupt, Jr. is the owner of Non-Stop Scaffolding, Inc. He has been involved with elevating scaffolding and the masonry business since 1975, when his father invented a tower scaffolding system for their own masonry business. Visit for more information on Non-Stop Scaffolding, Inc.


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