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August 27, 2011 9:00 AM CDT

New Masonry Products for August 2011

Levels, UV lamps, moisture meters, and more


Spirit Levels

Troy, Mich.

Spirit Levels
Spirit Levels
BORA, a product division of Affinity Tool Works, introduces its updated line of Spirit Levels. Available in nine sizes, ranging from 16 to 96 inches, the line is built with a state-of-the-art vial setting to guarantee lifetime precision. The center vial is magnified for enhanced visibility and improved readability. Highly pliable internal reinforcement bars have been stress-pressed in and set in epoxy resin. This allows for the highest degree of vial accuracy, regardless of jobsite abuse and being dropped.

Product-Specific QR Codes on Equipment

General Equipment Company
Owatonna, Minn.

Product-Specific QR Codes on Equipment
Product-Specific QR Codes on Equipment
General Equipment Co. now includes QR codes on its products. When scanned with a smart phone, the codes direct users to videos, literature, operational tips, service information and manuals. They are printed on weather- and damage-resistant data plates securely mounted on each piece of equipment. The QR codes were implemented to help rental operators and end-users find relevant information quickly and easily. Unlike similar systems in the industry, General Equipment’s QR codes link to product-specific websites, eliminating the need to browse for desired information after reaching the site.

Deep-Sensing Moisture Meter

General Tools & Instruments
New York, N.Y.

Deep-Sensing Moisture Meter
Deep-Sensing Moisture Meter
General Tools & Instruments’ Pin/Pinless Deep Sensing Moisture Meter with Spherical Sensor and Remote Probe (MMD950) detects moisture/water damage under tiling and checks moisture in masonry. Depending on the area or surface to be measured, the instrument affords the flexibility to choose from one of two measurement modes. Pin mode uses replaceable pins at the end of a 46-inch cable; Pinless mode uses an integral spherical sensor. These different modes enable users to measure moisture in corners, hard-to-reach areas, narrow spaces and uneven surfaces. The spherical sensor measures the average moisture level up to a depth of 4 inches.

Tail Tucker

ITW Muller
Arlington Heights, Ill.

Tail Tucker
Tail Tucker
ITW Muller’s Tail Tucker is a product that ensures no loose film tails occur on stretch-wrapped pallets, so construction manufacturers and suppliers can rest assured their pallets won’t come unraveled due to weather or handling. Stretch-wrapped loads typically are secured through a heat seal technology or are manually affixed. In both instances, the end or “tail” of the film has a tendency to come loose, especially if the load is in contact with wind or rain. The Tail Tucker works by literally tucking the film tail behind the last two full webs of film.

Super-Powerful UV Lamps

Westbury, N.Y.

Super-Powerful UV Lamps
Super-Powerful UV Lamps
The MAXIMA ML-3500 Series ultraviolet lamps use advanced Micro Discharge Light (MDL) technology, plus a unique filter and bulb/reflector, to deliver up to 10 times the UV-A (365nm) output of conventional HID inspection lamps. The ML-3500S model features a spot reflector and has a nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of 50,000 µWcm² at 15 inches (38cm). The ML-3500FL features a flood reflector that delivers a nominal steady-state intensity of 4,500 µW/cm² at 15 inches. All bulbs feature a rated life of 2,000 hours. The lamps produce virtually zero emission of hazardous UV-B and emit minimum visible light.

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

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