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October 10, 2011 1:35 PM CDT

Construction Tie Products product file

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CTP 5801 Veneer Tie

CTP 5801 Veneer Tie
Restoration anchors that stabilize masonry and stone facades is a product group addressing supplemental anchoring requirements that may be encountered by an existing masonry facade. The goal is to preserve the existing masonry or stone by fortifying the anchoring requirements. CTP has a number of product possibilities to suit the variety of masonry design situations, including helical-shaped anchors, repair anchors and dimensional stone panel face anchors.

Stone anchors for new construction can be custom designed by CTP or supplied based on existing details. The typical stone anchors are intended to resist wind loads and support the weight of a stone panel in some cases. Stainless Steel straps, eyebolts and J bolts provide a comprehensive selection for the typical stone anchorage applications.

CTP’s adjustable wall tie, the CTP-16 product line, is designed for use with or without insulated cavity walls and can be spaced at the maximum limits of the masonry code, which reduces tie requirements by one-third of conventional pintle plate or v-base plate and triangle tie designs, and is installed with a single fastener. The result is a wall tie system that provides significant out-of-plane stiffness for optimum veneer deflection limits; ultimate tension and compression characteristics that complement the out-of-plane behavior; and a masonry tie system that creates half the breaches in an air barrier than conventional ties.

The CTP-5801 veneer tie assembly is a significant wall tie assembly for the addition of new brick veneers to existing masonry, or concrete veneers that do not incorporate insulation. They are vertically adjustable up to 3”. The channel base plate design is strong and provides significant stiffness to the tie assembly, and the tie is assembled with a corrosion-resistant masonry fastener that allows for versatile building connection materials. Also the low profile can fit a 5/8” collar joint for new veneer additions.

The CTP Masonry Fastener is a torque-activated assembly with a hex head finish, produced in either zinc plated or stainless steel for compatible material connections.

Accessories: The CTP-MAD-2000 is a stainless steel alignment anchor, which maintains in-plane alignment of masonry walls at expansion joints. The CTP-IRP-20 and CTP-IRP-50 are steel Insulation Retainer Plates for retaining insulation board.

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

About the Author

Steve Getz is the owner and president of Construction Tie Products.


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