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February 22, 2012 7:00 AM CST

Used Hydro Certified Specialists

Used Hydro Mobile Certified Specialists will be authorized to refurbish equipment


Hydro Mobile M-Series platform

Hydro Mobile M-Series platform
Hydro Mobile, a manufacturer of mast climbing work platforms, has launched two Used Hydro Certified Specialists (UHCS). These centers will, in addition to carrying the traditional rental, sales and support operations, specialize in the refurbishing, maintenance, repair, re-certification and trade-in of used Hydro Mobile units. The first center to become a certified UHCS will be Leppo Rents, which will serve Ohio and Michigan through six locations. The second center will be located in the Hydro Mobile’s L’Assomption (Quebec) facility and will be mainly serving eastern Canada.

During the last few years, Hydro Mobile has seen a major increase in the demand for parts and secondhand equipment. As we all know, the economic situation has forced owners of platforms to either repair the units they own, or purchase used ones in order to minimize capital expenditure. As this situation has become almost generalized in the industry, Hydro Mobile has decided to take an active part in this market, so the users can benefit from the manufacturer’s expertise and maximize efficiency and safety on their jobsites. As is the case with almost any construction equipment, the key to ensure long-term durability and safety is proper maintenance and regular inspections.

“We have seen many of our users raise concerns about how and where they could have access to a one-stop shop that would maintain, inspect and refurbish platforms, so they can have the certainty that their older units are in proper functioning condition and comply with the regulations in place,” says Vincent Dequoy, general manager of Hydro Mobile. “In this mindset, it is in both the contractors’ and our best interest to set up Used Hydro Certified Specialists that will provide such a service and even more.”

As a manufacturer, Hydro Mobile is concerned about the safety of its users. Being aware of the wear and tear and, sometimes, harsh weather conditions to which the equipment is subjected, Used Hydro Mobile Certified Specialists will be authorized to inspect all aspects of the platforms (hydraulic system, power pack, paint, welding, structural integrity), and will even go to the extent of refurbishing the equipment in order to have it recertified with Hydro Mobile’s stamp of approval.

To get involved in this new activity, Hydro Mobile had to identify a partner with the capacity and expertise to provide outstanding service, while being located in an area of high demand.

“Leppo Rents definitely has the profile that we were looking for,” Dequoy says. “They have the resources, expertise and commitment to deliver high-quality standards, while being located in the Midwest. This territory counts the highest number of used Hydro Mobile platforms.”

Leppo Rents is a 65-year-old company that carries brands such as JLG, EZ Grout and Bobcat. Through six locations, Leppo offers rental, sales, support and service for all of its product lines.

“The success of our company is based on the commitment we have toward our customers and suppliers,” says Dan Lebeau, VP of sales at Leppo. “We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of service, while helping our partners make the best decision in their own interest. Becoming a Used Hydro Certified Specialist is entirely in line with what has differentiated our company from everybody else.

“With experienced guys like Roy Darst and Kirk Lapps, who have more than 30 years of combined experienced in the field of mast climbing work platforms,” Lebeau says, “we are confident that we will achieve and exceed customers’ expectations.”

Leppo Rents also will offer, in collaboration with Hydro Mobile, a new trade-in program that will allow owners to get an advantageous price for old equipment, while purchasing new platforms. This program also will allow platform owners to have an easier access to refurbished and used parts or accessories for their existing units.

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

About the Author

Thierry Lachapelle is marketing and sales director for Hydro Mobile, Inc. For more information, call 888-484-9376, or visit


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