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June 10, 2012 4:00 PM CDT

A green alternative to portland cement

Scientists unveil new geo-polymer binding agent, Blue Crete


Except for one small piece of real wood, all these were made with our versatile, revolutionary “Blue Crete”

Except for one small piece of real wood, all these were made with our versatile, revolutionary "Blue Crete"
There has been a host of attempts in geo-polymer research to find a suitable alternative to one of the dirtiest manufacturing processes in the world today, the production of Portland Cement. For every ton of Portland cement that is manufactured approximately 1.25 tons of carbon dioxide is released into our atmosphere with many hundreds of pounds of heavy metals eventually entering into our water systems air and ocean. Each of the prior research attempts at finding an alternative process to manufacture a cementitous alternative to the Portland Process has had their difficulties. Two part systems, expensive hardeners and plasticizers and caustic chemicals all trying to use fly ash and other pozzolan materials, have been utilized in these research models worldwide with little success. Several companies have succeeded in marketing expensive "niche" products but no one up to now has been able to find a sustainable product or process which could really meet the economic challenges of commercial cement production, until now.

The jury is now in on Blue Crete, a truly Green Alternative to Portland Cement. This high performance cement has its genesis in marine life and proves to be a "natural" alternative to the Portland industry. It has twice the compression strength of Portland and three times the tensile strength and has all of the desirable characteristics of geo-polymers without the price tag.

Researchers at Blue World Crete in Pompano Beach, Florida announced their incredible findings over a year ago and now have had their product tested by some of the leaders in the worldwide cement industry. Some of these respected and visionary giants are now negotiating with Blue World Crete, Inc. for the rights to use the new "Green" Technology for the production of this superior, economically feasible, "Green" cement called "Blue Crete". These major players now recognize that they truly have a real competitive process to the old technology of manufacturing Portland cement. This is truly a new day with a new technology.

"The two hundred year old Portland model of baking limestone is a large, expensive, and pollution filled process that, in time, will be as extinct as the dodo bird", says Mr. Art Galietti, COO of Blue World Crete Inc. According to Mr. Galietti, cement can be manufactured in portable plants simply by mixing a natural, "green" marine based, fully sustainable, catalytic material, (their "secret" powder) with natural aggregates and a little water, no heating or large kilns required. This new technology will be a boon to the cement industry in remote areas of the world as these portable plants can be set up to manufacture the cement without the costly investment now required by the Portland Process. This new process not only is an advantage for those already in the cement business, but can be a real advantage to large consumers of cement who wish to manufacture their own cement.

Blue Crete looks like regular powdered Portland Cement and can be distributed in the same way. Its set time is uniquely adjustable without the use of ANY additives. From 15 minutes to 24 hours and anywhere in-between. Fantastic for pre-cast work as you can de-mold in just a few hours. There is NO large learning curve in using the technology as it was designed to look, feel, and work just like Portland. Most importantly, it is economically competitive and in many cases, less expensive than Portland cement. Blue Crete meets and exceeds ASTM standards. "Check out our web site for the 3rd party ASTM tests and take a look at some amazing videos of what our technology can do" said Mr. Galietti

For licensing the technology and other information on Blue Crete call Mr. Art Galietti at Blue World Crete Inc. 561-929-8384 or contact him at, or see the web site at

About the Author

Art Galietti is the COO of Blue World Crete, Inc.


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