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July 20, 2012 1:00 PM CDT

Leadership High Payoff Activities follow-up

MCAA members implement HPAs


MCAA members participated in the interactive webinar Leadership High Payoff Activities.

MCAA members participated in the interactive webinar Leadership High Payoff Activities.
Recently several MCAA members participated in the interactive webinar ‘Leadership High Payoff Activities’ facilitated by Tery Tennant of Attainment, Inc. This was the first of a three-part series aimed at helping leaders free up to ½ hour a day for their High Payoff Activities (HPAs). HPAs are the six most important activities where each person should spend at least 80% of time based on his or her role, salary and goals.

During the session, each participant completed a first draft of their HPAs and gained awareness of how much time is currently being spent in them. They learned that finding ½ hour a day currently spent in low payoff activities and implementing a plan to eliminate, delegate or streamline those tasks frees up a whole month in a year!

Two weeks after the webinar, Elizabeth Beber, Safety Director for PSM Masonry in Austin, Texas, said, “The webinar was very informative and pointed out a lot of things. I’ve been working on interruptions by planning at the beginning and end of the day and scheduling my High Payoff Activities for the entire week. When I am working on my HPAs, I do not check email or answer the phone. I am definitely getting more of the right things done and intend to be part of the next webinar.”

Moroni Mejia, Project Manager for Rhino Masonry in Mesa, Arizona, said, “The webinar made me aware of small things wasting my time. It described my current situation of not spending as much time in the right things and the need to train someone else. Right after the session I began to set aside time in the afternoon to schedule in my High Payoff Activities. I think moving my planning time to the morning will make my planning even more effective. I’m signed up for the next webinar to learn about applying productive solutions.”

The other webinars in the leadership series are, ‘Obstacles to Leadership High Payoff Activities’ on July 25 and ‘Improving Team Performance with High Payoff Activities’ on August 22. These sessions will explore what prevents leaders from spending time effectively in their HPAs, provide practical solutions and address how HPAs can dramatically improve the performance of the entire team.

Go to the MCAA website to register for the remaining two sessions! Learn more about the facilitator and read articles on productivity and leadership at

About the Author

Tery Tennant has a background in corporate management, management consulting, small business operation and training. Tery has led multiple departments of over 70 people from diverse cultures and received various leadership awards. He teaches a variety of business and goal setting classes at local institutions and nonprofit organizations.


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