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August 31, 2012 8:00 AM CDT

New masonry products for August 2012

Mortar deflection products, glazed brick and more


Mortar Maze

Advanced Building Products
Sanford, Maine

Mortar Maze
Mortar Maze
Advanced Building Products Inc. will be re-introducing Mortar Maze, a mortar deflection product designed specifically for masonry cavity wall applications. The patented design breaks up mortar droppings within a masonry cavity wall on four separate levels, allowing moisture to drain more effectively from the wall assembly. Mortar Maze is available in one- and two-inch thicknesses, two widths – 11 inches and 16 inches, and each panel is five feet long. The product may be used in base wall or full cavity wall configurations and is compatible with most air barriers and insulation products.

Air Float Ergonomic Lift-Positioner Systems

Arlington Equipment Co.
Queensbury, N.Y.

Air Float Ergonomic Lift-Positioner Systems
Air Float Ergonomic Lift-Positioner Systems
Air Float enables lifting heavy stone as if it were nearly weightless. Air Float systems are used in many industries, including glass fabrication. They lift or lower payloads by following the precise movements of the operator. Stone flooring blocks weighing 400 pounds can be set precisely into place as if they weighed 6 pounds. Air Float allows you to lift and position heavy stone pieces like they were nearly weightless. Air Float’s proprietary pneumatic free piston system essentially floats the work piece, following your manual movement.

New Line of Modern Glazed Brick

Fireclay Tile
San Jose, Calif.

New Line of Modern Glazed Brick
New Line of Modern Glazed Brick
Fireclay Tile is excited to unveil its first artistic brick collection - Glazed Thin Brick. Featuring rich organic textures, local recycled materials and American craftsmanship, Fireclay’s Glazed Thin Brick will complement any interior or exterior environment. Utilizing up to 100 percent local recycled content and finished with a selection of nine fresh new VOC-free natural glazes, Fireclay’s Glazed Thin Brick gives endless options for any commercial and select residential designs. And 1 percent of all Glazed Thin Brick sales will be donated to charity.

HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring System

Tulsa, Okla

HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring System
HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring System
Life just got easier with one adhesive anchoring product that solves all your masonry needs. The Hilti HIT-HY 70 Adhesive Anchoring system works in all the masonry base materials: grout-filled block, hollow brick and CMU; and multi-wythe brick walls. The improved formula and innovative composite sleeve design provide strong, reliable and easy to install fastenings. From attaching signs, fences or awnings to masonry walls or façades to fastening pipe, cable tray, or fixtures to masonry base material, HIT-HY 70 helps increase productivity.

Multi-Pin-Grabber Coupler

Akron, Ohio

Multi-Pin-Grabber Coupler
Multi-Pin-Grabber Coupler
The JRB PowerLatch multi-pin-grabber coupler by Paladin, designed by Miller UK Limited, is one of the safest, most advanced multi-pin-grabber couplers available for excavators and loader backhoes. It employs several advanced safety features, including a patented Automatic Blocking System (ABS) that ensures coupler engagement is maintained during hydraulic failure. Designed to work with a wide range of buckets and attachments, the JRB PowerLatch has the most features, reduced offset and is one if the lightest, yet strongest excavator and loader backhoe multi-pin-grabber couplers available.

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