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September 30, 2012 8:00 AM CDT

New masonry products for September 2012

Reinforcement anchor system, masonry cavity drainage device and more


V-Angle Wire Brush Cleans Tight Paver Joints

Bon Tool Co.
Gibsonia, Pa.

V-Angle Wire Brush Cleans Tight Paver Joints
V-Angle Wire Brush Cleans Tight Paver Joints
Bon Tool Co. introduces the V-Angle Wire Brush, which has tough wire bristles that make cleaning mud and dirt from tight paver joints easy. The stiff bristles measure 1.25 inches, providing excellent reach into the joint. The Bon Tool V-Angle Wire Brush is equipped with a four-foot handle.

Masonry Repair and Reinforcement Anchor System

CINTEC Worldwide

Masonry Repair and Reinforcement Anchor System
Masonry Repair and Reinforcement Anchor System
CINTEC Reinforcing Anchor System is a micro cement anchoring and reinforcing technique to repair and renovation existing buildings. The process begins with an inspection of the structure by a qualified CINTEC engineer. The best reinforcement pattern is then determined. The system is inserted into the structure in need of reinforcement. A specially developed, non-polymer, cement-like grout is injected into the sleeve under low pressure. Then, the grout fuses with the mesh, expands and shapes itself around the steel to fit the space.

Masonry Cavity Drainage Device

Keene Building Products
Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Masonry Cavity Drainage Device
Masonry Cavity Drainage Device
Keene Building Products is manufacturing a masonry cavity drainage device, the KeeneStone Cut, a three-dimensional, geometric patterned core with a high loft fabric laminated to one side. The highly compressible fabric is able to slightly compress to fill the cavity, allowing it to change thickness up to one-half inch to prevent any mortar blockage. This product is designed to catch, and hold mortar dropping, while allowing moisture to pass through, and keep the weep holes open. The KeeneStone Cut is placed in a strip horizontally in a masonry cavity wall requiring no mechanical fasteners, and is manufactured to be 10-inches in height within the cavity.

Trowel Clean Sleeve

Trowel Clean Sleeve
Independence, Mo.

Trowel Clean Sleeve
Trowel Clean Sleeve
The Trowel Clean Sleeve is a must for all masons as it makes for a perfect holster for your trowel. The holster conveniently attaches through or onto any leather belt. The trowel then slides into the sleeve with an inside blade designed to clean the trowel when it's holstered. The sleeve is made from fabricated sheet metal and then leathered, stained, and stitched, which makes for excellent craftsmanship. For a limited time, Trowel Clean Sleeve is only $49.99.

Anti-Skid Textured Coating


Anti-Skid Textured Coating
Anti-Skid Textured Coating
The QUIKRETE Anti-Skid Textured Coating provides increased traction and more protection to both interior and exterior surfaces. The coating is a high-build coating fortified with new, heavy duty resin technology that provides the increased traction. It works well on interior or exterior concrete surfaces such as walkways, steps, ramps, pool decks and other areas that need improved traction. It is not recommended for use on garage floors, parking areas or decks.

Originally published in Masonry magazine.

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