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DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied Air and Water Weather Barrier System
DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied Air and Water Weather Barrier System
December 13, 2012 3:10 PM CST

Fluid Applied Air and Water Weather Barrier System

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DuPont Building Innovations has launched the DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied Air and Water Weather Barrier System, which offers similar air and water protection of DuPont Tyvek Commercial Wrap, but in a fluid-applied form. The system provides coverage and the combination of air and water hold-out and is ideal for application on concrete, concrete masonry unit, gypsum sheathing and complex high-rise buildings.

The complete DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied Air and Water Weather Barrier system is comprised of Tyvek Fluid Applied Weather Barrier (WB), Tyvek Fluid Applied Flashing and Joint Compound, DuPont Sealant for Tyvek Fluid Applied System and Tyvek Fluid Applied Flashing – Brush Formulation. Applied in one coat by spraying or power rolling, DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied WB saves time in the installation process. Additionally, combining low shrinkage with high elongation and elastic recovery allows DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied products to stretch and move with the building, resulting in minimal cracking. Providing the ideal combination of air and water holdout, this fluid-applied product offers vapor permeability of 25 perms.

The DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied system can play an important role in increasing the overall sustainability of commercial buildings by helping to control air leakage, which allows for more energy-efficient structures by reducing the amount of energy required for heating and cooling. The system also helps to improve indoor air quality by providing protection from water accumulation in the wall system, which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, as well as wood rot and metal corrosion. Additionally, the system features low-VOC products.

The Tyvek Fluid Applied System can withstand nine months of UV exposure, can be applied to damp concrete and can be applied at temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit, providing builders and contractors with more flexibility in their construction schedules.

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Originally published in Masonry magazine.

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