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PG-30 masonry grout pump from Airplaco
PG-30 masonry grout pump from Airplaco
June 17, 2013 7:00 AM CDT

Masonry grout pump

Self-propelled pump for coarse aggregates features swing tube valve


Masonry contractors can efficiently and cost effectively accomplish structural reinforcement and core filling requirements by using a masonry grout pump. The PumpMaster PG-30 is a masonry grout pump designed for grouting masonry block walls and hoisting mortar. Essentially, the PG-30 is a small concrete pump with self-propelled movement. PumpMasters are the ideal machines for efficient core filling.

The PG-30 is self-propelled. The ability to drive the machine into position on the jobsite provides a major convenience for contractors. The AIRPLACO Hydraulic Drive Train is exclusive to the industry--it gives the pump a smooth self-propelled movement. Masonry contractors can further benefit from the portability of the machine. Its compact size makes transport to and from the jobsite a breeze. These pumps can be transported on a trailer or in a typical pickup truck. The PG-30 includes forklift slots and lifting lugs to allow it to be moved or loaded with ease.

The PumpMaster PG-30 includes a 4 inch swing tube material valve. Swing tubes are standard equipment for concrete pumps today and are able to handle large aggregates. The PG-30 can pump fine grouts with 3/8” pea gravel and coarse grouts with 3/4” aggregates.

The PumpMaster features a 29 horse power gasoline powered engine with fuel injection and key start. The trademark "LONG LIFE" hard-chrome cylinders are built to last. This ensures that replacement cylinders are kept to a minimum. The compact PG-30 offers a large 4 inch heavy-duty material discharge, making it a truly one-of-a-kind masonry grout pump. The complete machine setup for masonry grout and mortar pumping includes reducers, clamps, material hose and masonry wall hook nozzle. Contractors often flll block without a wall hook by using the hose end. AIRPLACO two-inch green-stripe grouting hose is made to withstand the harshest of jobsites.

At the start of a job, a hose primer or cement slurry is used to lubricate the material hose. This is a necessary step before each pour. The PumpMaster PG-30 will pump materials directly from a ready-mix truck and AIRPLACO supplies material mix designs that contactors can specify with their ready mix provider. The PumpMaster PG-30 pumps 10 yards per hour (or 7.6 cubic meters) allowing you to cycle through a typical ready mix truck once per hour. Using ready-mix ensures consistent material on the job to achieve required compressive strength. Contractors can use existing mixers with a masonry grout pump. Typical mortar mixers on the jobsite can take up to 7 bags or 20 cubic feet, some have adjustable legs to manage loading height and feature hydraulic dumping. Mortar mixers offer self-sufficiency by allowing contractors to mix materials without relying on ready-mix truck deliveries.

Material silos offer another means of batching materials. When coupled with a silo system or wet-mix system, masonry grout pumps offer the perfect means of delivering materials from silo mixers to grout the block walls.

Material flow is controlled at the front of the machine with an on/off switch. The pump includes a remote control with cord for convenience. Wireless remotes are also available. The flow control valve controls the rate of movement and variable pumping speed.

Cleanup is essential after every job. The PG-30 and material hoses must be thoroughly rinsed of concrete materials to ensure their proper performance on the next project. Fortunately, cleanup time should be minimal, approximately 15-20 minutes.

The PumpMaster PG-30 puts you in control of each and every grouting project allowing you to reduce labor by controlling your core filling rate. The PG-30 gives you the power to grout walls at 10 yards per hour. You will solve space and portability concerns on the job with a compact machine that you can move and position at your command.

The PumpMaster is proudly made in the USA.

For more information, call 513-321-2950 or visit

About the Author

Todd Ferguson is marketing manager for Mesa Industries Inc., parent company of four divisions, Airplaco Equipment Co., Gunite Supply, Mesa Rubber Co. and Mesa Fabrics. For more information, call 513-321-2950 or visit


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