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Corium Cladding System
Corium Cladding System
July 13, 2013 5:10 PM CDT

Corium Steel-Backed Brick Cladding System launches

Provides ventilated rainscreen assembly


Telling Architectural Systems announced the North American launch of the Corium Cladding System, a fully engineered new façade system that combines the natural beauty of genuine brick with cost-effective fast-track installation, according to Telling vice president Steven Collins.

“Using high-density, high-compressive strength and frost-resistant bricks with steel backing trays, Corium moves traditional stacked brick into high performance brick veneers.” Collins said. “Full rainscreen, back-ventilated assemblies are now achievable with brick. With running bonds, stacked bonds, custom colors and the ability to insert feature materials, Corium satisfies many different aesthetic requirements.”

The Corium Cladding System is comprised of genuine brick tiles with a unique and patented profile that mechanically fix to an HPS200 coated and galvanized receiver tray. Each tray interlocks to form a drainage plane, which is then mounted to the engineered framing system. The brick tiles are clipped into place. This mechanical “clipping” system is proprietary to Corium and provides a high-strength façade that offers a level of design flexibility unheard of with traditional hand laid bricks.

The system is a fully engineered rainscreen assembly with rear ventilation, which provides an open cavity, an uninterrupted air/moisture barrier and continuous-insulation capability, meeting the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 for maximum thermal and moisture performance.

Corium is suitable for use with a wide range of substrates, including light-gauge steel framing, concrete, structural steel, masonry, wood frame, continuous insulation systems, and insulated metal panels. At only 14 lbs. per square foot, Corium-clad buildings benefit from lower overall wall costs. With a variety of sizes available, Corium also enables custom bonding patterns without compromising performance or speed. The Corium Cladding System can be mounted at any angle to achieve dramatic finishes, or overhead to create soffits and ceilings.

The Corium Cladding System has passed testing for: AAMA 501.1 Water Penetration, AAMA 501.5 Thermal Cycling, ASTM E283-04 Air Leakage, ASTM 331-00 Water Penetration, ASTM 330-02 Structural Performance, Air Pressure Differences and BCRL BM1:1993 Freeze/Thaw testing at 100 Cycles. Corium can be installed by carpenters, laborers, sheet metal workers, and masons. It is also ideal for prefabrication assemblies.

Corium has been successfully installed for fourteen years throughout Europe and is now available in North America, exclusively marketed by Telling Architectural Systems LLC, Cranston, RI.

About the Author

John McIsaac is the owner of McIsaac Communications LLC.


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