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SHOCKWAVE™ Insert Nut Driver Set
SHOCKWAVE™ Insert Nut Driver Set
August 2, 2013 4:00 PM CDT

Milwaukee’s new SHOCKWAVE Expand

Do more, carry less


Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to deliver game-changing solutions for the professional with the introduction of SHOCKWAVE™ Expand. Building on the success of the Milwaukee® SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Duty line that launched in 2009, SHOCKWAVE™ Expand is a direct reflection of opportunities uncovered on the jobsite to give professionals more fastening application solutions, while carrying less product in their tool box. Expand enhances the existing insert bit program with new extended length magnetic bit holders and insert nut drivers that together are designed to cover more applications with fewer products. As with all products in the SHOCKWAVE™ family, Expand is built for extreme durability and up to 10X more life in impact drivers than standard bits.

“While in the field over the last year, we saw on multiple occasions and across many trades, users were stacking several short bit holders together for extended reach into tight spaces and often through small holes to gain access. In many situations, we saw them add a nut driver on the end as well,” says Brian Dieck, Sr. Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool Corporation. “Seeing this led us to explore low-profile, extended length driving solutions, and while doing so, we uncovered another key frustration for users… the sheer amount of accessories they often need to carry with them to complete a job.”

To match the breadth and flexibility available with Expand, users would typically need to carry over 130 unique accessories. This is not only a considerable investment for users, but the volume of product needed adds substantial weight to their tool bags.

With SHOCKWAVE™ Expand, Milwaukee is launching new 6” and 12” magnetic bit holders to complement the existing 2” and 3” holders. Along with the innovative 30° Knuckle pivoting bit holder, SHOCKWAVE™ offers a holder for virtually every impact application. While traditional systems are focused on just insert screwdriving bits, Expand goes further with the launch of five insert style nut drivers.

“The beauty of Expand, is that by combining our 26 insert bits and insert nut drivers with these 5 bit holders, a user can replace over 130 individual items,” says Dieck. “For example, one 5/16” nut driver can replace the standard 3”, 6” and 12” length nut drivers, when used with the respective bit holder. Multiply that across all nut driver sizes as well as insert bit tips and you can see how SHOCKWAVE™ Expand allows the user to DO MORE and CARRY LESS.”

With the expansion of the SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Duty line, Milwaukee Tool demonstrates its continued commitment to delivering innovative accessory solutions to save time and increase productivity on the jobsite.

About the Author

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer and marketer of professional, heavy duty power tools and accessories. For more information on the full line of Milwaukee® power tools and accessories, please call 800-SAWDUST or visit


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