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Unemployment among Guard members is twice as high as for all veterans as a group and for the general public
Unemployment among Guard members is twice as high as for all veterans as a group and for the general public
August 15, 2013 1:35 PM CDT

How important is the National Guard?

More than 700 employers are now participating


In many states, unemployment among Guard members is twice as high as for all veterans as a group and for the general public. Recent furloughs are hurting too, especially for those already looking for jobs.

Hundreds of state National Guard employment counselors are working one-on-one with unemployed Guard members to match them with the job postings generated in this campaign. The postings come in from the participating employers and flow directly to Guard counselors. Guard members receive interview training and learn how their military training relates to civilian jobs. Counselors work with them until they find jobs to support their families. This help is personal and free.

Employers get free help too

Counselors identify Guard candidates whose skills and experiences relate to job requirements and coach employers on how to conduct the most productive interviews with military candidates.

This campaign is so important because the job postings are going directly to Guard counselors working with Guard members looking for work now. In California, for example, only six counselors are working with 2,000 unemployed Guard members. These counselors need the incoming postings to match with vets as quickly as possible.

How can you help?

First, you can share this with friends, neighbors and relatives who may run companies that need to hire great employees. Second, if you work for a company, share this email with your HR staff or manager and ask them to look into the campaign and register online to post jobs. No fees of any kind!

Employers of all sizes from 10 to 100,000 employees are posting jobs for the Guard. Just about every industry is represented too!

Center for America, which is managing this nonprofit campaign, is working in alliance with the Army National Guard under a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Lt. General William Ingram, Director of the Army National Guard. Our campaign is funded by foundations and Phillips 66, our lead corporate sponsor -- we receive no government funding. 98 business associations across the country are publicizing the campaign with their members.

I hope you'll look closely at this campaign and then decide to help spread the word. Visit our website at for plenty of details and background information. Feel free to call me at 201-513-0379 or email me with your questions. We're happy to provide references.

The National Guard is vital to our communities -- responding to more than 100 natural disasters in the last couple of years. The Army National Guard represents 40% of our total army force and the Air National Guard operates 17 of 18 home air defense centers. The 460,000+ men and women in the National Guard are always there for us and now they need our help -- and yours -- to match up with good jobs while they serve as active members of the Guard!

Thanks for your help!

About the Author

Steve Nowlan is the President and CEO of Center for America.


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