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The CONSTRUCT Show is scheduled for Nashville, Tennessee, on September 25-27, 2013
The CONSTRUCT Show is scheduled for Nashville, Tennessee, on September 25-27, 2013
September 20, 2013 2:00 PM CDT

SPEC MIX® provides “Live Learning” presentations

AIA CES credits offered to CSI CONSTRUCT Show attendees in Nashville


To expand on the continuing education theme of the 2013 CSI Annual Convention and CONSTRUCT Show, SPEC MIX®, Inc. has partnered with show owner, Hanley Wood, to host the first-ever “Live Learning Area” during exhibit hours. Designed to offer attendees and AIA members a means to earn learning credits, SPEC MIX technical representatives will give 60 minute, hands-on, learning demonstrations that illustrate the real factors that can impact the quality, compressive and bond strength, as well as consistency of colored masonry mortar. Each session will teach the audience how to select and specify the correct mortar based on building design and masonry units selection. This will be followed by a live demonstration of the key steps for the installation of masonry units with mortar, as taught by skilled masons. Although the course is free and open to all CONSTRUCT participants, upon completing the course all AIA registered members will be awarded 1 Learning Unit that also meets the Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) criteria.

Promoted to building design professionals as the most cost effective strategy for combining educational opportunities with practical, real-world, product and service solutions, the CONSTRUCT Show is scheduled for Nashville, Tennessee, on September 25-27th at the Music City Center. This conference is dedicated to the institutional, industrial and commercial building industry. Considering masonry is viewed as one of the most preferred forms of construction, the SPEC MIX mortar presentation will undoubtedly provide useful information to attendees. As the industry leader of preblended cementitious products, SPEC MIX is committed to educating the construction industry on the latest developments in masonry.

After 20 years of making presentations and working closely with architects who design with masonry, it is evident the majority of these professionals are surprised to learn that not all mortar is created equal. Mortar quality significantly affects building design, integrity and durability. SPEC MIX has teamed with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to provide a comprehensive accredited course titled “Factory Preblended Mortar for Masonry Construction”, which has changed how many design firms select and specify mortars and grouts for new buildings and restoration projects. This presentation is the content foundation for the CSI CONSTRUCT Show Live Learning session.

As of January 2013, under CES education mandates, AIA members are required to satisfy a minimum of 18 Learning Unit credits (LUs) per year. Of this total, 12 LUs must meet the Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) criteria. The SPEC MIX Live Learning presentation meets this HSW requirement making the course even more valuable to attendees seeking Learning Units.

SPEC MIX Live Learning Objectives

  • How mortar is made
  • What is the role of mortar in masonry construction
  • How types of mortar are defined
  • How to specify consistent mortar every time
  • How Sand Bulking can affect the quality of your mortar
  • How inconsistent mix proportions can affect the quality control and performance of mortar
  • Why efflorescence in mortar occurs

Class Hours

  • Wednesday, Sept. 25th —11:30-12:30 PM & 2:00-3:00 PM
  • Thursday, Sept. 26th — 8:30-9:30 AM & 11:00 AM-Noon
  • Friday, Sept. 27th —10:30-11:30 AM

About the Author

Jeff Farmakes is the Marketing Communications Manager for SPEC MIX®, Inc.


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