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Mega-Tandem Mass Retaining Wall (MRW)
Mega-Tandem Mass Retaining Wall (MRW)
November 20, 2013 3:00 PM CST

Mega-Tandem Wall Block

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Belgard Hardscapes has introduced the Mega-Tandem Mass Retaining Wall (MRW) block, a wall block system with the natural look of stone. The system’s size and mechanical structure allow for building reinforced walls up to 15 feet high and gravity walls up to 10 feet without reinforcing.

“The size and connectors in the Mega-Tandem MRW system allow for a gravity wall height of up to 10 feet without a surcharge, which is ideal for wall projects where it is difficult to impossible to excavate for stabilization for a retaining walls,” says Al Pfannenstein, national retaining wall manager for Belgard Hardscapes. “This height is a sharp contrast to the traditional three-foot height that SRW products typically can achieve without reinforcement. The structural benefits combined with Mega-Tandem’s look make it an unmatched innovation in the wall block marketplace.”

Mega-Tandem features a patent-pending, positive mechanical connection. The reinforced polypropylene connecting members create structural integrity in curved or straight retaining and freestanding walls. Available in a 12 X 24 panel weighing 65 pounds, the system has a running bond configuration, so no patterns are required.

Meeting ASTM standards C-1372 and C-1262, Mega-Tandem’s 8,500 psi compressive strength concrete makes it suitable across the country, even the coldest environments, where it can withstand harsh freeze-thaw cycles.

Mega-Tandem also offers national appeal, because of design diversity that appeals to varying regional color trends. Available in three color blends, Mega-Tandem comes in 12 different facial textures with the classic look of natural chiseled stone.

“The design versatility offered by Mega-Tandem provides flexibility for better integration of retaining walls in building and landscape designs of commercial properties and homeowners’ outdoor living spaces,” Pfannenstein says.

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